9 ways to earn online without investment

9 ways to earn online without investment

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9 Safe and Legal Ways Online You Can Earn Online without an Investment

9. Earn Online with Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the best ways to earn online without investment. These make us get some good stuff like different software’s, mobiles, $$$, etc as a prize. You can find giveaways directly from the giveaways website and also there are many websites which conduct such giveaways in almost every websites. They are genuine and everyone can participate online without investment.

8. Earn Online by Selling your E-Books


If you are good at any particular field then you can write E-Books. After writing E-Books you can sell them online. If your E-books goes viral well then you can earn a huge amount as you can never expect before. This makes you earn online without investment.

7. Earn Online with for Clicking Ads


There are many sites which pay for just clicking ads. This is also said as CPC nothing but Cost Per Click action. Here, just need your time for Clicking Ads. Such sites are said as PTC sites or any other. This is best enough to earn online without investment.

6. Earn Online by selling your Articles


If you are good at English, then you can make huge amounts with your English skill. Writing Quality Articles and selling them online makes you like awesome. You can sell your articles for a particular blog or website. The best place to sell your Articles online without investment is Facebook. In Facebook, you can promote your content in such groups like Buy and Sell, etc.

5. Earn Online via Freelancing


Freelancing is the best way as you can earn online without investment by selling your skills in various aspects. Freelancing means working for others by getting paid from them. The main thing is to analyse your self where you are good at and then sell that skills online in some freelancing sites.

4. Earn Online with Paid Online Surveys


Many sites are conducting Paid Online Surveys. The surveys are conducted among various people and they get paid for such surveys. Here, there is no requirement for hard work and knowledge. All you have to do is register a free account and start giving your opinions, views, etc in such surveys. The best sites for this act as surveypaid.com, surveysscout.com, etc

3. Earn Online with CPA


Nowadays CPA (Cost Per Affiliate) is a trending way to earn money online. CPA is just like an Affiliate marketing as this is easier than Affiliate marketing. CPA get paid for the action that is taken by the users like submitting email id, mobile number, name, etc. Check here for best CPA networks CPA NETWORKS

2. Earn Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing makes us earn online without investment. Affiliate marketing is done by just referring a person to buy your product. When he/she buy your product you will get a commission for that referral. More you get Affiliates more income you can earn by the referrals.

1. Earn Online with a Blog or Website


Blog or website is one of the best methods to earn online without investment. By Blog, we can improve our technical skills, knowledge and at the same time, we can earn by Addsense, paid posts, etc. Here, you need to have good technical skills, should spend more time, learn SEO, etc. Totally we have to learn many things to earn from this task. The best platform for blogging is Blogger.

These are the best ways to earn online without investment. Let me know in comments if you have any other best ideas regarding Online Earnings.