Best Email Marketing Tools to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Best Email Marketing Tools to Grow Your Ecommerce Business

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It is common knowledge that the Internet has gradually sneaked into all areas of life, affecting practically every aspect of human activities. Here, business is no exception. The Internet helps you either negotiate or chat with your business partners all over the globe; the web makes it possible to manage your finances, make contracts, and trade goods and services. 

Nowadays, any business buying and selling goods and transmitting funds via the Internet is commonly referred to as e-commerce. Like diligent entrepreneurs, avant-garde business owners are constantly on the lookout for the best-working software development techniques and strategies, i.e., marketing tools to promote their goods and services successfully. 

How to Pick Email Marketing Service

Among the array of tools, the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs choose electronic message marketing as a priority for their business promotion. In this respect, picking the right tool may seriously impact your promotion campaign. So, this article is here to provide a deeper understanding of various services and to help you find the best email marketing tool for your e-commerce business

To pick the most appropriate service, consider the following essential points:


First and foremost, take into consideration that each valuable e-message marketing tool should guarantee that your promotional campaign will not find itself in your recipient’s spam folder but definitely reach its destination 

User Interface

Bear in mind that the best email marketing tools will give you an opportunity to create eye-catching letters and use adaptive email templates with a friendly, clear interface. Commonly, the drag-and-drop images and text user interface is one of the indicators of powerful marketing tools deserving your attention

Marketing Automation

It successfully deals with routine tasks without your participation, thus saving your time and effort for business development. As an example, it’s essential to be able to send personalized and targeted bulk emails effortlessly


Ensure that the email marketing service allows for MFA and the ability to set granular permissions when it comes to your customer database. The leading providers will allow you to set user permission settings using rule-based, role-based, mandatory, and discretionary access control models

Segmentation & Tracking

A good email marketing service will definitely provide comfortable contact list management and promotion campaign tracking, allowing you to divide users into groups and subgroups

Taking into account these essential points and characteristics, let’s consider the leading 

e-message marketing tools and have a closer look at each of them to decide what is better to opt for.

1. ActiveCampaign

Having more than 130,000 users, ActiveCampaign has caught a rep of the most frequently mentioned email marketing service as well as a leading marketing automation tool. It is focused on top-quality product creation, providing the best solutions for e-commerce businesses all over the world. It may be really impressive how predictive machine learning tools can facilitate the use of options and help you work faster and smarter. 

Here are the most distinctive characteristics of this marketing tool:

  • Visual marketing automation;
  • Exceptional deliverability rates;
  • Drag-and-drop editor, built-in CRM;
  • List segmentation and goal tracking.

It is worth mentioning that ActiveCampaign provides reasonable pricing and a 14-day free trial.

2. HubSpot

One of the most respected and well-known marketing services designed to grow your e-commerce business. Indeed, it possesses all the features you could expect from a top business marketing tool and is considered ideal for B2B.

The platform supplies you with a landing page creation function, possesses a built-in CRM system, and offers free marketing, service, and operations tools. And if you combine it with professional interpreting services, you can really reach a global audience. You can download the best interpreting app on the market to get you started.

The most notable points characterizing this marketing tool are:

  • Email personalization;
  • High deliverability rates;
  • Drag-and-drop editor, built-in CRM;
  • A WordPress plugin.

This service is free to start with basic options and requires comparatively moderate payments for advanced capabilities.    

3. ConstantContact

This is one of the largest and most rapidly developing platforms in the world of email marketing. They provide a whole range of powerful features such as email templates, surveys and polls, and targeted emails, maximizing your open rate. Constant Contact has been recognized as one of the best marketing tools for those who have just begun to develop their eCommerce business due to these elements:

  • 100+ email templates;
  • Versatile customer support (library resources, emails, live chats);
  • Customer behavior analysis and data;
  • Built-in social media sharing tools.

It’s easy to conclude that ConstantContact is ready to give a helping hand to small business owners in learning the basics of email marketing. Do not hesitate to check out a 60-day free trial to grow your business like a real pro. 

4. Sendinblue

Simple and superb tools represent an email marketing software system perfectly suited for beginners. It has good functionality to manage a large website and automatically create real-time content-based newsletters. More than that, the platform offers a great variety of customized templates and advanced reporting. The most important features distinguishing this service are:

  • Beginner-friendly marketing automation tools;
  • High deliverability rates;
  • Free unlimited contacts;
  • Facebook ad management and SMS.

Sendinblue Lite service plan starts from 25$ per month, but note that you’ll also get an option of free unlimited email contact. It means you pay only for the letter itself but not the number of recipients getting your newsletter, which may be a good bonus.  Read this full review of SendinBlue from the marketing experts at Pearl Lemon Leads.

5. Omnisend

Being experienced in the eCommerce business, you may suddenly feel you can go further than simple email marketing basics. This is when Omnisend might come in handy and offer the whole range of purely e-commerce tools and options. The platform allows creating various sophisticated on-brand marketing campaigns, as well as resort to impressive segmentation and potent targeting features. Here are the most prominent characteristics of Omnisend:

  • Pre-built automation workflows;
  • SMS + web push notifications;
  • Email template innovation;
  • Help desk platforms.

The service gives you a limited range of options for free. Still, it looks pretty affordable to use the full diversity of tools in a paid-for package of marketing options to grow your eCommerce business as fast as possible.


Modern email marketing tools are simple to use and effective. Just single out your critical requirements for the service, draw comparisons, and you will figure out what platform is going to be your best pick. 



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