Is Backlink Exchange Programme Still Working for SEO

Is Backlink Exchange Programme Still Working for SEO
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Is Backlink Exchange Programme Still Working for SEO: The clear answer to this is NO. In this detailed guide, we will tell you WHY? Today, we are going to go over Backlink Exchanges. If you are not familiar with backlinks. They are still a very important SEO technique. They have been around for days. One pretty much and they used to be just a huge spam thing. You get tons of traffic and build up great website SEO just through backlinking. Nowadays, it has become a little bit more, it’s very important. Probably, one of the most important things, however. It is only supposed to be done in a certain way.Is Backlink Exchange Programme Still Working for SEO

Is Backlink Exchange Programme Still Working for SEO

So, let’s go over what a backlink is for a website. And, as you see here, they are a link that is external on another website. That’s a keyword here, is that it’s got to be on another website URL that offers value. So, let’s just take a look at kind of a few that we have. So, if you want to start to build a reputation with Google as far as being an authoritative website, you want to make sure that your business is out there on a lot of different outlets. So, take a look, this is just up the city. It’s a web firm.

Or, it’s a catalogue of different web firms and with that, we have the button here that says – visit this website. And, basically that is giving us a site link on their website, that is then driving traffic back to our website and this is another example here. You can see here that we have our website link right here in the blue and that’s an external backlink. That is then giving our business more traffic and we can go on – here are a few more different CAF or Classified Services. And, such so relevant and reputable links are what are important in 2019. So, being on Outlets like a Yelp, here or up city these are relevant to our market.

These are relevant to businesses that are there promoting their services. So, we want to – these are good links for us. Because, they are real links, we are not sitting here on some website. That’s selling DVDs or tennis shoes that have nothing relevant to do with digital marketing or SEO. So, you have to manage now what are good links and let’s take just a look here at some social media examples. So, as you see here we have an ability here to link your website and this is – if we link, if we click this, it’s going to go external to our website, back at final web And, this is a kind of where SEO has become this.

It is where even outlets and SEOs are kind of merged because of the importance of having links on other outlets. So, let’s take a look here at Twitter. Now, let’s go to our actual Twitter profile page. You are – see that we have embedded a link within their page. Just from having set up a page on Twitter and it’s right here and we can click that and we will go to our website as well. And, also we are consistently putting links to our website. Throughout our posts and such so you will find that having all these external links out there is what is going to start to drive your traffic.

We just want to show you one more example now. We have kind of looked at some of the social media backlinks that you can get is some big links that we do is like whenever we design a professional website for a client, we then externally link our business in the bottoms. So, we are getting tons of links just through these footer type external links that are going back to our company in our business. That’s basically where links are found. Now, we just want to quickly go – how do you find your links and where are they.

So, here we are in Google Search Counselling, you go over here on the side, you are going to find a button that says links and this is a great tool. Because it breaks down where all of your top linking websites are. So, this was the buy online fragrances, we just linked and they have 2200 pages on the website. And, hope you can understand that they are again linking back to us. So, you can see some of our other articles, we have built some of the bigger e-commerce type websites, often we will have quite a bit now, you see, we have all these links going there.

And, the reason at these other flickers that the mole is where we put our articles. Thus, it is super important out there to get backlinks for your website, because, that’s when Google starts to look at you as a reputable company. And, what we would recommend doing is reaching out to businesses in your market and asking them like – personally through an email or a phone call.

If it would be possible to exchange links with them but do it in a way that they write an article, that maybe they post on their blog or write a quick review or list or companies and mention you there. Even after reading this in-depth guide related to Is Backlink Exchange Programme Still Working for SEO, still, if you are facing any questions or problems regarding the topic that is Is Backlink Exchange Programme Still Working for SEO, please make sure to let us know your exact issue in the comment box below.

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