Jailbreak in iOS no longer makes sense, This is How Apple Finished With It

Jailbreak in iOS no longer makes sense, This is How Apple Finished With It

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Talking about the jailbreak has been always a controversial subject that has had its proponents and detractors from the origin of the concept in iOS.

Ways on How Apple Finished Jailbreak in iOS that no longer makes sense

There are People who have always seen it unnecessarily, people who have seen it complicated, people who have used it out of necessity and people who have used it out of sheer love of hacking devices. But starting with the first ones and finishing with the last ones, there are less and fewer people who see the sense of breaking the security of the phone to gain extra functionality.


Since the first versions of iOS, several developers have worked hard from version to version to get into the system through some vulnerability. The more iOS has evolved, the more complicated it has been, and while it is true that we have had a version of the jailbreak for each operating system, iOS 11 may be the first version that does not have its version of jailbreak (although already has found a hole ). Why? Because the enthusiasts who dedicated themselves to it no longer see sense, and prefer to work for Apple or security companies.

Saurik, creator of Cydia and most iconic person in the jailbreak panorama for iOS
Saurik, creator of Cydia and most iconic person in the jailbreak Panorama for iOS

The creators of the jailbreak: “It does not make sense anymore”

In a recent Motherboard interview to various people in the jailbreak environment, everyone has agreed on the same thing that is there is no point in jailbreaking in iOS. Even Luca Todesco, who has been the hope for many when taking the jailbreak of iOS 10, has announced that the jailbreak will leaves. According to Nicholas Allegra (who went on to work for Apple ) said that “I feel like the jailbreak was basically dead right now”.


Why are they abandoning the development of the jailbreak? Because it is too much work to get very little in return. According to Jay Freeman, “What do you get at the end? Before times it used to have exclusive features that were almost the reason you bought the phone, but now you will receive instead small modifications in the software.

This is a vicious circle, the fewer people jailbreak, the less developers strive to make things interesting to the community. And the fewer developers make interesting tweaks, the fewer users will jailbreak their devices”.

Reasons for developers to leave the community

Analysing the current scenario and how it has evolved over the last 10 years, one can draw different conclusions about the reasons that are slowly killing the jailbreak. The reasons are as follows.


  • Apple security: Year after year, iOS has become a much more secure system. With each update, Apple covers more and more security holes. If in the early versions of iOS it was a children’s game to get into the system, now it is practically impossible to do so.
  • The reward for vulnerabilities: When you find a security hole you can do two things, one is to spread it on the Internet and create the jailbreak, or sell this security hole to Apple or other companies. For the first option the reward in money is practically null, but for the second both Apple and other security companies can pay very well to the developer.


  • The jailbreak pioneers have gone to the good side: Both Apple and other companies have been fighting for the jailbreak in a smart way. They have dedicated themselves to hire all the hackers of the panorama. Through succulent job offers many have preferred to go to the good side and work directly for Apple by discovering and patching these security holes.
  • The security of the user: The reason we should care most is about us. The security of the device and how it is exposed when doing the jailbreak. All our data can be read by third parties because we have practically opened the doors so that anyone can enter our telephone. Does it really make sense to allow anonymous developers to have free access to a place where we store credit cards and personal data?

Jailbreak is Essential in the past, nostalgic at present

10 years have passed since iOS (iPhone OS at the time), and 10 years since the origins of the jailbreak. All this time, they have gone through different stages, stages in which it has made sense to defend it and stages in which there is practically no longer any compelling reasons to do so.

In the early years of the jailbreak, this was done to squeeze the phone and get the most out of the iPhone. For example, we remember that some of the first tweaks available that allowed us to send multimedia messages or record video with the iPhone camera. Things that in the beginning, Apple did not allow and that has subsequently been implemented. It was the jailbreak phase that allowed us to install tweaks that Apple later implemented in its own way, the phase in which we anticipated future versions of iOS.

After this, the main developers of the community realised that Apple was implementing more and more new features in iOS and that at the same time, they opened the system securely so that they can do these things legally by third parties. As a result, they left the community. They rely on the groups of anonymous hackers, groups that did not reveal their identity and that therefore we did not know to whom we were giving access to our devices.

This is how the jailbreak has remained nostalgic, essential a few years ago, but without meaning right now.

The last phase and where we are now is the phase in which the jailbreak is practically dead, a phase in which the jailbreak remains nostalgic for those who did it at the time. A phase in which we understand that it was essential at the time for the development of iOS and that iOS would not have gotten where it is now if it was not for the jailbreak. But the time has come to turn the page, the developers have done it, and the sooner the remaining users do the better.

This is how the  Jailbreak in iOS no Longer Makes Sense, and this is how Apple Finished With It. If you have ever done a jailbreak on your iOS or Android devices? If so, share your experiences with our readers in the below comment section.
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