10 Reasons to Use Magento Hosting for Your E-commerce Website

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Magento is a major E-commerce platform that hosts over 28 percent of websites. The e-commerce platform works with some of the best developers in the world.

The developers from Magento Development Companies work tirelessly to ensure that website owners face minimal or no interruption issues.

They are always on standby to offer solutions to any website problems that arise. Some companies, such as Nexcess, will even handle the hosting and monitoring for you.

Below are 10 reasons to use Magento hosting:

1. It Is an Open-Source Platform

Magento is an open-source platform available to the general public. It gives developers around the world an opportunity to use its free version to make eCommerce websites.

Because of its interactive features, developers are able to design a great website for business.

2. Mobile Optimization

Magento Development Company creates e-commerce sites that are mobile-friendly by integrating them with HTML 5.

This offers a great experience regardless of which mobile device you are using. The eCommerce website owners take advantage of the development services from Magento to offer a wonderful eCommerce experience to their customers.

3. It Is Made Specifically for E-commerce

Unlike WordPress and CMS platforms, Magento is specifically designed to be an e-commerce platform.

This means it has all the basic features such as supply management, inventory management, a user dashboard, advanced shipping among others.

In addition, Magento offers bundling of products, a CMS option, and newsletters.

4. SEO-Friendly

This is another major advantage of using Magento. Specialists at the development company use search engine optimization (SEO) to make services and products offered at the e-commerce platform rank high on popular search engine pages.

5. Single Back-End With Several Multiple Storefronts

In most cases, eCommerce websites have just a single website on one setup. But this is not the case with Magento.

People using Magento are able to create independent and specific websites for different types of products. In other words, you can run several websites via a single backend system with Magento.

6. It Is Highly Flexible

More than one million websites are designed using Magento. They include shopping websites, business websites, technology, auto-related among others.

Statistics also show that over 9,000 websites prefer using Magento because of its flexibility.

7. Return Material Authorization

Return material authorization also known as RMA is a situation where the profit margin is not directly contributed. The purpose of RMA is to deduct from it if no delivery is done.

8. Quantitative Consumer Experience

E-commerce website owners can also take advantage of Magento’s service to offer a quality shopping experience to their customers. A simple and easy-to-use website always attracts customers.

9. Single-Step Checkout Process

This is an ultimate procedure that allows your customers to pay for the products or services on your website. This makes it easy to have all the transaction details finished on just one page.

10. Scalability

Last but not least, developers can scale their websites depending on the needs of their users.

Magento hosting from places like Nexcess is a great way for your e-commerce website to thrive. Other than being an open-source platform, it is also SEO-friendly and specifically designed for e-commerce websites.


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