How to make money with YouTube?

How to make money with YouTube?

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If you took the desire to find a video on the Internet, it is inevitable that a search engine will direct you to YouTube. Because it is a giant reign in its field. So, necessarily, all persons seeking videos, go through this platform. This leaves us a little idea of ​​the space occupied by YouTube on the web. But behind this site is a discrete business that generates a sizeable turnover, but we can not say exactly.


What is fascinating about YouTube is that anyone can participate in this business. In other words, everyone can make money with YouTube. In addition, if you wanted to get an idea of ​​the money that flows between YouTube and its users, the Stat Sheep website gives us a glimpse reliable. If you also want to be among those who earn money through YouTube, there are six steps that you should follow:

Step One: Develop and set your YouTube account

Create your account or if you already have one, use it. It is highly recommended to use keywords that people easily locate your page. Personalize your account according to your needs (if you are a director, for example, select the account director).

Choosing your username must be strategic: if you use a long and complicated name to remember, many going to remember you in spite of your videos. In case you already have an existing account, change its name will not be very beneficial to you.

Second Step: Add Content

As a start, put in the content. Download the high quality content, but quite short. It is favorable that your downloads are scheduled and include a logical sequence. If your content is not very interesting at the beginning, do not give up, you will improve along the way. Optimize your content using professional equipment. Be thorough in your scenarios, your staged, your shots, lighting. Details make all the difference. To achieve this, get help from your friends for editing and directing. Do not work half. The public will not be indifferent. Regular downloads allow you to keep your followers. You bring more audience with an active page provided new developments that generate others.

Step Three: Draw attention to you

Enrich your content with downloads for further hearing. To help you use social networks like Facebook or Twitter to spread your videos everywhere. Introduce them to everyone you know, friends, knowledge, dating … You subscribers need if you want to work in partnership with YouTube (it is possible to be rewarded by submitting viral videos that said it is really uncommon).

Step Four: Become a YouTube Partner

It is essential for you to work to work with YouTube. Get their hard work. While everyone can certainly purchase, but it would be wise to hold about 500 people to subscribe again and again upload content frequently and have on hand a viral video or a substantial audience. YouTube is looking for pages that allow them to sell advertising and collect money. They are also interested in pages that have no intention to sue. Thereby requiring the copyright content is strongly discouraged, remove them from your page and videos.

Step Five: Create a Google Adsense account

Fairly easy to create a Google Adsense account is free on / adsense. Thereafter, follow the instructions and accept the conditions and create your account with a simple button “create an account”. Only major can access this account. Otherwise, ask an adult to support you. You are likely to get frustrated, because it is something you can not distort. The fraud is seen to spread you need is a PayPal account or a simple bank account, but also a valid including other miscellaneous information, all in order to certify your identity and e-mail address regulations money. Your gain necessarily refers to clicks on an ad and for each viewing a few substantial sum, but takes its magnitude over time. Hence the importance of a large audience.

Step Six: Post your videos in other places

YouTube is not the only way to make yourself known. Create a blog, put in your videos and let him know, for example by posting on social media sites. Use all means to get noticed and increase your audience, ie your winnings.