mCent Unlimited Free Recharge Working Trick

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Hey, guys! Want to get free recharge for your mobile phone’s balance?

If this idea sounds good to you and you want to learn more, you’ll have to read on for the full details on the ever-popular mCent unlimited free recharge trick. Today, we’re going to show you what the trick is and everything you’ll need to know in order to implement it.

With this awesome mCent trick, you can get an unlimited free recharge to any network for your mobile phone. You can do this with the mCent unlimited free recharge trick that has been updated this year. We’ll continue to update the trick every time we hear that it’s been fixed once again. We only want to give you working methods, so try it out for yourself!

If you’re still asking yourself whether this sounds legit or not, the answer is yes! We’ve personally tested this trick a few times and always make sure it works before we let this go live.

Get Free Unlimited Recharge for Your Mobile

With the simple, easy-to-use app mCent, you can get unlimited free recharge with methods that you might not have been familiar with until now. If you think that by downloading mCent apps and installing different apps on them you will get a bonus, etc., then you might be in danger of losing out on these wonderful tricks.

So, just read the steps below to get free unlimited recharge for your mobile phone. This can seriously come in handy when you’re in a financial pinch and need to make calls!

If you have any doubts about this process, just let me know in your comments and I’d be happy to walk you through any tough points or steps.

unlimited free recharge app

Benefits of mCent Unlimited Recharge Trick

  • You will get Rs. 700 Per Referral.
  • No Need to use Bluestacks. We have another software called Youwave. We have given 4 methods below. You can try whichever method is best for you.

Steps To Getting Unlimited mCent Free Mobile Recharge 

Here are the steps you have to follow to get unlimited free recharge from the mCent mobile app. These steps should be pretty straightforward since we’ve provided you with a few pictures as well. We know it can still get complicated in some parts, so again, let us know in the comments if you need any help at all.

Step 1

Firstly you have to download the mCent Mobile App – Click Here

Step 2

Sign up for the mCent app with your current mobile number if not registered. Make sure you type it correctly as you want the recharge for yourself, and yourself only!

Step 3

Next, verify your mobile number as per the instructions shown on your screen. Confirm when prompted to proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Once you sign up as a new user, you will get a daily bonus of Rupee 1. This might not seem like much, but it’s the lowest-effort part of the recharge trick. All you have to do is log in!


Step 5

After getting a bonus, go to the mCent application on your mobile. There, you will see a few apps on your screen. See the below image for a clearer view of what you should see.


Step 6

From all apps, download at least two new apps to get activated for the referral program. This referral program helps you to get extra credits from others when you send them invites and they accept them.

Step 7

Once you are done with the download of apps, the credits are credited to your account. All this happens after the downloading process is completed, so it might take a minute.

Step 8

After activation of the referral program, share your referral link with your friends, and make them download the app. As soon as they download the app, the credits are credited to your account. To refer your friend go to the right corner of your account and then copy the referral link and send it to your friends.

Step 9

That’s all! You will get credits when many people download the apps from your referral. This is the general procedure that we do in regular download. To get an unlimited recharge trick to see the working different methods below.

mCent Unlimited Recharge trick Working methods

We have tried these working methods and verified with different people, found these 4 methods are working perfectly. I am going to explain all 4 methods below. Let us get into the methods.

  1. By mCent mobile app
  2. Through Xprivacy Mobile App
  3. Through Change Android ID
  4. By Youwave on your PC

mCent Free Recharge Trick Method 1 (By Mcent Mobile App)

  • To get free recharge to download the below apps on your android smartphone
  • Download MCENT App – Click Here
  • Download IMEI CHANGER App
  • After completing your downloading process, install apps
  • Open XPOSED Installer app
  • Click on Install and then restart your mobile


  • Now Go To Modules


  • Tick mark IMEI Changer>Restart mobile
  • Open MCENT app & Sign in with your details
  • Click on the Share button to know your referral link
  • Note down your referral link


  • Now, uninstall MCENT App from your mobile
  • Open IMEI CHANGER app>Enter alternate number>Click on Apply button>Close App


  • The open new browser, download MCENT app with your referral link
  • Open the MCENT app & Sign up with the alternate mobile number.
  • Verify your alternate mobile number with One Time Password(OTP)
  • Download any 2 apps which they are given below


  • After completing the downloading process, install apps
  • Then you will get a referral amount to your previous account
  • After getting a referral amount, UN-INSTALL MCENT app
  • Do repeat the above process to get an unlimited Referral amount

mCent Free Recharge Trick Method 2 (By Xprivacy Mobile App)

  • Download Xprivacy mobile app
  • After completing the downloading process, Install it
  • Download MCENT mobile app with your referral link
  • After completing MCENT installation process, you will see MCENT app in it.
  • Click on MCENT app from there & it will open a new menu
  • In that, you will see options. Tick on Identification & Phone box as we have given below

Screenshot_2015-09-28-23-38-03_1443463871553 (1)Screenshot_2015-09-28-23-38-03_1443463871553

  • Click on Menu button>Go to Settings


  • Click on Randomize button & then click on the Save button, which they gave from the top right corner


  • Open MCENT app & Sign up with the alternate mobile number.
  • You will get a referral amount to your MCENT account
  • Now, UNINSTALL MCENT app & Do repeat above process to get unlimited MCENT money

mCent Free Recharge trick Method 3 (By Change Android App)

  • Download mCent Mobile App – Click Here
  • Open & Create a new account
  • In that, you will get some mobile apps
  • Download & Install any 1 app from MCENT offer page
  • Note down your referral link
  • Click on the Share button to share your referral link with your friends
  • Now, Uninstalls MCENT app & Download Android ID Changer app
  • Click here to download Android ID Changer Mobile App
  • Open the Android ID Changer app & Create an alternate ID by pressing the top right corner
  • Click on the “Save New ID” button
  • Successfully “Android ID” has been changed in your mobile device


  • The open a new browser, download MCENT app with your referral link
  • After completing the downloading process, install MCENT app
  • Open MCENT app
  • Download any 1 app from MCENT offer page
  • You will get Rs.700 to your previous MCENT account
  • Now click on Topup & Redeem your recharge


  • After receiving the referral amount, uninstall MCENT app from your mobile device
  • Do repeat the above process to get unlimited MCENT money

mCent Free Recharge trick Method 4 (By Youwave in PC)

  • Download & Open YouWave on PC
  • Copy and Paste your MCENT referral link in a browser
  • With that referral link, download MCENT app to get a bonus to your account itself
  • Sign up with a new mobile number
  • Download any 1 Offer from MCENT offer page
  • Open your old MCENT account
  • The referral amount will be credited to your old MCENT account
  • Do repeat the above process to get unlimited MCENT money


So, this article talked about the 4 best free working methods to get mCent unlimited free recharge to any mobile network. These tricks are working efficiently for many users. If you are not getting it for the first time, check the process again and do them correctly. Try out all the methods to achieve the most efficient output.

Of course, with these methods, you won’t become rich overnight, but they detail excellent ways to never pay real money for your phone—ever again.

If you have any doubts or are facing any issues while implementing any of these methods feel free to write or explain them below comments. We will respond to all your questions as soon as possible with efficient replies.

Happy Unlimited Free Recharging! We hope that this trick has saved you some money and given you a sustainable way to recharge your phone balance. All for free!