15 Common Mistakes Done Before Writing An eBook Online For Free

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While writing an eBook every one does some sort of mistakes and if you delete those mistakes in further writings of your eBook then it’s perfect that every reader will get attracted to your eBook. I recommend you some of the common mistakes that every writer does while writing an eBook.


15 Common Mistakes when creating a free ebook

In this article, I will explain one by one that the most common mistakes to avoid when we want to make an ebook.

1. Forgetting to add an index

It is very important that we add an index with which we can access in just one click. We can create any sections that include our ebook.

2. Choose a basic tool

Do not make the mistake of choosing a too basic tool that will be difficult or tedious to a certain format, or look to your digital book. Ideally, choose a tool that can do everything we want because his/her time is not very complex to learn to use.

3. The failure to define a work schedule and completion date

The organization is a fundamental part of any work but writing an e-book is even more important, because if we do not organize well the process of creating an ebook can be tedious and lengthy.

4. Study of community interest in this topic

Making an ebook requires many hours of work so it’s important to choose a topic that is of great interest to users, and a good way to analyze the success of the ebook future. I want to create is to see the results obtained by other professionals with a similar ebook. We will analyze the aspects such as; the number of downloads, number of visits, number of times shared in social networks, etc.

5. The extension should be a too short ebook

Do not make the mistake of making a long post and place the band of Ebook, for a short or short ebook can generate a bad reputation of our brand.

How many pages should an ebook have?

It would be difficult to establish an ideal amount but if I’m going to make an approach because I believe that a good ebook should have a minimum of 40 pages.

6. Consider the visual aspect as secondary

It is a common mistake to underestimate the visual aspect that deserves the ebook, so remember to take care well and see that you incorporate your visual aspect and an infographic every 2 or 3 pages.

7. Designing a cover with poor or low hook leads to bad views

The cover is the first visual impact that our ebook future, and it is important that we try our best to try to get a spectacular cover of our ebook. If you are not able to perform a professional home I recommend you hire a designer.

8. Poor choice of selecting a title of the ebook

It is difficult to define the content of an ebook in a few words, but as the choice of this, title has a strong impact on this more attractive and capture the attention of readers, we must take all the time necessary to choose very While each of these words, otherwise we will be losing potential subscribers, views and much of the virality of it.

9. Not mentioning other authors

No one is a prophet in his land and less on such a great and changing area as digital marketing and social media. So, if you’re creating a good ebook you must cite fragments of other ebooks or books by authors from industry benchmark because they transmit the quality and credibility to your address book.

10. Not preparing a marketing plan for dissemination and communication

Think that creating an ebook has to be a means or strategy to achieve one or more objectives such as; improve my brand image, get subscribers and views on my blog, etc., but so that it can achieve by only proper marketing strategies. We have to design and implement a marketing strategy and communication to maximize the development of our ebook.

What are the most suitable means or channels for the dissemination of the ebook?

  • Our Blog.
  • Social Networks.
  • ebooks Platforms.
  • Guest post on other blogs.

11. Not asking for feedback to other professionals

It is a mistake that you are not asking the opinion of the other on the subject of your ebook and feedback can be very enriching for content professionals.

12. Not including a glossary at the ebook

Use a glossary, which is a useful tool for readers to focus on the most relevant terms of the ebook and for those people who want to start on the subject and have little knowledge tool. If you do not use a glossary, a reader can jam or lose your ebook reading.

13. Using the wrong tool for capturing subscribers

It is essential that all the traffic we drive to what we can become blog subscribers, this will typically use two methods:

  • Use a good landing page on the information page and ebook where readers can easily subscribe.
  • Use a tool to convert visitors into leads. I’m going to recommend that you use the free plugin Sumome, which lets you get to turn your visitors into subscribers and to make a complete product promotion campaign.

14. Not performing a complete review of spelling and style

Do not make the mistake to underestimate that deserves a correct spell check the ebook. If you are not well versed in the stylistic revision ask for help from a professional who is dedicated to the review of the content and style.

15. No return on your investment

An ebook not only can be used to get subscribers but we can also try to monetize and sell our eBook on platforms like Amazon.
To my knowledge, these are the common mistakes that every writer does. I hope this will be a helpful article.