Online Exultations – Incredible Ways to Celebrate Christmas Virtually

Online Exultations – Incredible Ways to Celebrate Christmas Virtually

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Sometimes, it’s not possible to celebrate Christmas as a family. When you find yourself stuck between the festive period and life, there’s one mistake you shouldn’t make – accept defeat! The truth is, although the festivities are better in-person, there’s no reason to miss out on the excitement, not when you can celebrate virtually.

Technology has advanced so much in recent years that a video call is almost the same as speaking face-to-face. Plus, the connections are as stable as they are in high-definition, which means you won’t have to put up with lagging or live feeds that fade in and out regularly.

The only thing left to do is figure out what you’re going to do. The tips below should come in handy.

celebrate christmas virtually

Create a Playlist for Your Holiday Party

You need music because a Christmas party isn’t complete with a yuletide sing-a-long! Also, the right songs will make your party feel authentic and genuine, which are two essential elements regardless of whether your party is online or face-to-face.

The classics, such as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, should be the basis of your playlist. However, the latest Christmas number 1 odds prove that the latest releases are worth considering, especially LadBaby and Justin Bieber, who are the two favorites to land the accolade.

If you want another element to your party, don’t be afraid to make a music-based game. For instance, you can make a friendly wager by guessing who will secure the Christmas number 1 spot.

A cool tip is to use a streaming service since you can save the playlist and make it public so that all your guests have access.

Dress Up

Again, celebrating Christmas virtually is about ensuring there is a legitimate atmosphere. What better way to do it than to dress up in festive costumes? From elves to the Clauses to reindeer, there are tons of options for every guest to have a different outfit. And if people start thinking along the same lines, you can open up the restrictions.

For instance, you can include a topic, such as characters from Christmas films. Don’t forget to add an element of competition by ranking the best costumes and awarding prizes for first, second, and third places.

Play Remote Secret Santa

celebrate christmas virtually 2

Your location could make sending gifts challenging. Plus, Christmas is an expensive time of year, so you might not want to spend a fortune on a bunch of presents. Thankfully, organizing a game of Secret Santa is the best way to combine the need to be frugal with the desire to give and receive gifts.

All you need are the names of everyone who is playing. Then, you can put them into a virtual gift exchange generator and let it do the hard work. No more traveling half-way across the country to pick lots and draw straws!

Once you have your name, you can decide whether to send physical presents and open them on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, or virtual gifts such as online gift cards or internet subscriptions.

A virtual Christmas contains the same magical features you expect from a face-to-face get-together, so you shouldn’t be afraid to plan one when meeting in-person isn’t feasible.