4 Ways to Recover Digital Media Files from MAC Drive

4 Ways to Recover Digital Media Files from MAC Drive

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Most Mac users get confused when they lose their Mac Operating System media files. The main reason they are in trouble is that Apple does not allow users to make any arbitrary changes to their settings when looking for or restoring missing files.

In such a situation, this even causes stress for users as they do not know what the right move is. Because of the haphazard acts they take, they even lose their data forever.

Thus, when it comes to data loss and recovery, it is important to remain cool.

Have you ever unintentionally lost or removed your favorite images, movies, and videos from your Mac drive? Don’t worry if yes is your answer.

To help you, we are here! In order to recover your valuable data, consider the following methods. Surely, one of them would prove to be beneficial.

Recover from Trash

Do you know that you still have access to deleted media? Yeah, since the data goes to the Mac trash folder after it is deleted. Thus, from there, you can restore your favorite images or videos.

The data remains there until you empty the trash folder yourself or choose the Automatically Empty Trash option. Know, though, that you can only restore your data within 30 days of deletion, as deleted files are permanently deleted from the garbage after that.

Digital Media Recovery from Photos App on Mac

Are you aware that media files from all your Apple devices are stored by the Photos App on Mac, iPad, or iPhone?

The program includes a folder called Recently Deleted that holds deleted files for 30 days and then automatically deletes them. Thus, from that folder, you can restore your deleted files. But in 30 days, do not fail to do so.

Recover files from Time Machine backup

When images or videos are removed from Mac, Apple’s Time Machine is the savior. Therefore, if you can’t locate your photos in the Trash folder, try to retrieve them from the backup of the Time Machine.

However, when it gets too complete, Time Machine deletes the oldest data automatically. So, make sure that the files you can’t do without are retrieved (at the earliest).

Hire Apple Mac Recovery Services

Not everyone in Garbage and Backup is lucky enough to find their lost videos and images. The only thing that can be done in such a situation is to employ SSD data recovery services. People who are a pro at providing data recovery services can help you in a great way.

Don’t try to take some action on your own, as you can end up losing it forever. In order to retrieve the deleted data carefully, experts have the required environment, equipment, and applications.

They know how to manage data losses because of their years of experience so that no digital media is lost. In addition, being experts, they realize the value of knowledge to you and therefore keep it confidential.