16 Safari Hand Keyboard Combinations on Your MacBook System

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Key combinations make it possible to perform actions on your Mac faster. In this article, we list the 16 most useful combinations for Safari. These 16 Safari keyboard shortcuts on Mac will help you to be more productive than before.


The best Safari keyboard combinations

Over the years, many different keyboard combinations for Safari have been built into macOS. For example, Apple lets you open or close a tab faster with a keyboard combination than using a mouse or trackpad. You can of course also simply click on the appropriate button, but some users prefer to use a shortcut. However, it can be quite a search before you have found the most important ones. Below we have listed a best Safari keyboard combinations.

Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CMD (⌘) + T: Open a new tab 
  • CMD (⌘) + arrow to the right or left: Previous or next 
  • CMD (⌘) + W: Close the current tab 
  • CMD (⌘) + Shift + T: Reopen the tab 
  • CMD (⌘) + Alt + W: Close all tabs except the current ones 
  • CMD (⌘) + N: Open Safari in a new window 
  • CMD (⌘) + M: Minimize the current screen 
  • CMD (⌘) + Shift + W: Closes the current screen 
  • CMD (⌘) + Q: Quit Safari completely 
  • CMD (⌘) + Alt + 1: Open the first website from Favorites 
  • CMD (⌘) + D: Add a page to your favourites 
  • CMD (⌘) + Shift + N: Open a new screen in Private (incognito) mode 
  • CMD (⌘) + Shift + L: Open the favourites, reading list and notifications screen 
  • CMD (⌘) + L: Go directly to the address bar 
  • CMD (⌘) + Shift + I: Send an e-mail with a URL of the page 
  • CMD (⌘) + I: Send an e-mail with a complete web page as an attachment

These keyboard combinations are meant for Safari, but most also work with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In addition, many of the above combinations can also be used as a general keyboard shortcut in macOS. By memorizing them all, you can save a lot of time while working in Safari. At first, using all the shortcuts at a time may be a little difficult task but while performing them regularly you will be able to use them automatically without any difficulty. So, try to use them whenever there is a possibility.

I hope this article will help you to work more productively. If you think we have missed any other important shortcuts let us know them in the below comment box and we will include them in this article. 

Which Safari keyboard shortcut do you use more in your regular work?