➨ SEO Highlighting your Searches in Google and Increase CTR

➨ SEO Highlighting your Searches in Google and Increase CTR

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This is very practical guide I will show you the benefits of highlighting your searches in Google and we know that this is the most powerful as of getting search results in Google.

How SEO Highlights your Searches in Google and Increase CTR

We all know the importance of SEO as we always struggle to get capture many visits to our website. But, when we reached the top positions, in any aspect then we must consider is how to stand out and convince users to click on our results of Google search.


How to increase the CTR?

According to a survey, 80% of users do not go beyond the search results that appear visible on your screen, which usually tends to coincide with the first 5 positions. The remaining 20% use the scroll to find more results.

  • In the above image we can see the “above the fold” is targeted to first 5 primary positions and “below the fold” is targeted to remaining positions of the Google search.

In 2013, a study of CTR on Google by the company Catalyst indicates that 83% of clicks they get the first 4 positions.

In this guide I will explain, step by step, how to beautify and improve results in Google (SERP) search engine as well as other applications that you can do in social networks.

How do most shocking search results in Google

1. Using the data marker in Google Webmaster Tools

With the data marker in Google Webmaster Tools you can highlight specific data in search results on the SERP, incorporating rich snippets to read and reflect Google search of that content.

How do we do?

Step 1.

Firstly we have to access Google Webmaster Tools , for it need to have a Google account. If you’ve never used this tool, the first step is to add and verify ownership of your site.

Step 2.

In the left menu click on Search Issues> Data Marker and click on “start marking”.

Step 3.

In the window that appears we will indicate the url of the page you want to highlight, as well as the content type to highlight.

Step 4.

We have to select the tags you want to highlight on your chosen website.
This is especially useful for online shopping, because you can reflect very interesting aspects such as price, availability, etc.

Step 5.

We review the labels that we have introduced and we click Publish. Then we have to click start dialing.

2. Inserting symbols on Google SERPs

An effective way to make more powerful search results on Google is inserting symbols in the title and description that will appear in the SERP.

How to insert symbols in the results of search paths?

Step 1.

Access the web of symbols and copy the code that will use either in the Meta Title or Meta Description. You can select any language you want with the Web of symbols.

Step 2.

To view snippet as hereby publish before you use the application SEOmofo .

Step 3.

We insert the code in the Meta Title and / or Meta Description of our post.

Advantages insert symbols:

  • Best excel and you can catch the attention of users.
  • You can increase the number of clicks.
  • Improvements in CTR post, and thus SEO ON page optimization is done and very easily you can rank in the Google search results in the top.

3. Improving URL

Add fragments enriched in our url, used to display the hierarchy of our website and becomes positive to our site and improves CTR and provides a better user navigation. The easiest way to implement it through the plugin for WordPress  RDFa BreadCrum.

4. Inserting reviews or stars

For extreme highlighting we can use starlets. This will attract people very much. So, this can be done in two ways:
  1. Review: I personally do not like this because the assessment is entirely subjective and that makes its author, i.e., the author casts the vote of 5 stars.
  2. Reviews: This itself is very interesting because we enable our users to objectively assess our content, and that this result helps us to attract the attention of search on Google.

How to insert the opinions on our Blog?

Step 1.

Install WordPress plugin WP-PostRatings .

Step 2.

The setup is very simple but we must activate the “Enable Google Rich Snippets?” set the option as default and if we do not show the views in Google we have other options that is we leave as default one.

Step 3.

This is a little more complex part, since we have to insert it into the site, and so we must find the file that displays the entries of the articles in the Blog, usually single.php, post.php or loop-single.php, or any other type of page you want to insert.

What we have to insert some code?

We will look at the code the next instruction <? php the_content (); ?> and just after we will paste this code <? php if (function_exists (‘the_ratings’)) {the_ratings (); }?>  will show the stars of opinions in our Blog. As it is a bit complex I leave a screenshot.

How can we really know if Google will display this rich text?

Google has a testing tool structured data with which we can check the URLs of the pages you have inserted rich text, in order to validate the results show that the search engine is the same as we want.
In this way you can hightlight your snippets in Google search engine and get them up with this guide. Hope you all work with this to your blog.