What to do if Your iPhone or iPad has been Stolen or Lost

What to do if Your iPhone or iPad has been Stolen or Lost

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Have you lost your iPhone or is it stolen? Did you forgot your iPad in your friend’s party or is it stolen by someone who is closer to you? There are numerous situations in which our iPhone or iPad can be stolen or lost without us noticing at best or strongly at worst. So, what do we do if our iPhone iPad stolen or lost?

Solutions to find the stolen iPhone or iPad

One of the solutions is to report it to the nearest police station by giving all the information about the device like the model, features, housing, suspects, etc will be helpful to find out the lost device. The more information we provide, the more likely there is to recover it. In addition, it is convenient to have the theft report in case we have to cancel associated services or have some type of insurance that covers this type of situation.

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Anyway, giving complaint is one of the last resources that we should use when they steal our device.  Luckily, we have a series of tools at our disposal to try to recover our iPhone or iPad. Although these measures are common sense for many of the fans of technology and Apple, not everyone has to know them.

Before your iPhone or iPad is stolen


There are a number of things we can do to minimize the chances of the theft of our terminals.  Among them are those of common sense like not leaving them on the table of a restaurant or terrace, be careful in crowds and public transport or never leave them unattended in a public place.

Since several versions of iOS that these devices have a battery of security measures that defend access to your interior. In this way, in case we lose or steal the iPhone or iPad our data will remain safe. That is why it is essential to maintain a minimum of security measures to discourage theft.

In addition, it is recommended to activate the two-step verification in your Apple account.

When your device is stolen, use Find my iPhone


Every iOS device should have installed Find my iPhone (already serial from iOS 9) and have this service of iCloud activated. To make sure it’s activated, go to Settings> iCloud> Find my iPhone. If you try to disable it, you will see that you have to enter your iCloud password.

Thanks to Search my iPhone we can do the following actions when we lose our device, always accessing from another iOS device with our iCloud data or from the iCloud.com website:

  1. See your exact location: If the iPhone or iPad is still on and connected to a data network or WiFi. It can help you to see if it is close to you, but if you see that it is in another location it is best that you go with all the data to the police to report it.
  2. Emit a sound and a vibration to the lost device. A beep will sound identical to the one that sounds when we use the “ping” functionality to the iPhone from the Apple Watch. If the device is silent or in non-disturbing mode, only the beep will sound without vibration. It can be useful when your iPhone or iPad are close (and connected to a data network or WiFi) and help you find them by their sound.
  3. Activate the lost mode through which we can send a message and a phone number that will appear on the screen of the blocked device. If it is really lost, it is a way to get the person who finds it to contact you to try to recover it.
  4. Delete the content of the device remotely. In this way you can avoid that any person access your content and can manipulate your accounts or any fraudulent use. This should be a measure of last resort, since once you delete it you will not be able to use the other features to show its location, sound or send a message to the blocking screen.

Do not give your data and password to anyone

For several versions of iOS, when someone restores an iPhone or iPad you must enter the password of the Apple ID of the owner user. This way, if a thief wants to delete the device and use it as his own, he can not do it without that password.

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This is why there have been numerous cases in which the thief tries to extract the victim’s password from his stolen device. For this, they use “social engineering” techniques and convince the true owner to deliver the information. The deception usually occurs in the following way:

  1. The thief will try to find a way to communicate with the victim. For this, you have two ways: the contact phone that you have been able to send through the Lost Mode option that we have seen before or asking Siri.
  2. With these data, you will get a call by phone, send an SMS or an email by passing through the technical service or an Apple representative.
  3. They will tell you that they have found your lost device but they need to check your information to return it to you. Among these data will be the Apple ID and the password, or just the password.
  4. At the time this information is delivered, the thief can use the terminal as his own or sell it in the second-hand market.

In some cases, the thieves are quite insistent and will try to get the password by all means. It does not matter what they say to make you believe that it is Apple’s technical service. The apple company will never contact you if your iPhone or iPad has been stolen.

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Important points to do before taking your iPhone or iPad out

  1. It is always better to turn on the mobile data and share the location to one of your friend’s or family members. In this way, you can know the location till the thief turn off your mobile.
  2. Remove the control centre and hey Siri access on the lock screen. Many of them wish to access their iPhone or iPad by saying “Hey Siri” on the lock screen, but who knows that it will become the biggest problem on one day. If you remove the access to Siri and control centre, the thief will not be able to use any of the functions like turning off the data or turning on the flight mode. Although their first moto is to switch off the mobile, at least we will be able to track once they turn on the device again, as the mobile data turns on automatically.

Till now these are the solutions and precautions need to be followed before and after iPhone or iPad stolen or lost. I hope this article will help you to find your device and secure your device perfectly. If you have any queries regarding any of the above solutions, let us know in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.
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Have you or your friend had such experiences? Share them with us like how did you fount it and what are the steps you have taken to find your iPhone or iPad?