5 Effective Ways Apps Can Help Streamline Work From Home

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Humanity has seen several instances where the social and economic fabric was burnt to ashes. Sometimes there were terrible plagues, and sometimes it was a devastating financial crisis.

5 Effective Ways Apps Can Help Streamline Work From Home

At times there were destructive world wars that halted the routine for people. In short, global disruptions are not new to human life. However, humans were never this reliant on social connectivity and interaction as they had become over the last decade.

Consequently, the recent COVID pandemic caused unprecedented disruptions in our life.

From education to healthcare, every field of life has significantly become disturbed. Similarly, corporate organizations have absorbed some severe impacts as well.

Lockdowns, cross-border movements, and trade restrictions have posed enormous challenges for organizations. Still, they were operational to ensure survival.

In this situation, when social distancing became a norm, managing the workforce became a complex task. However, work from home became trending amid all these restrictions.

More and more employers started to opt for work from home. However, it was not simple to manage employees over virtual platforms. Work from home came with its distinct challenges.

Fortunately, several solutions and strategies also emerged to make it easy. Information technology provided advanced solutions to manage work from home. Dozens of applications emerged to help corporate executives streamline their remote work.

This article highlights 5 of the effective ways apps can help streamline work from home.

1. Boost Marketing Activities

Marketing encompasses extensive communication and customer-oriented decision-making. Likewise, it requires rich customer interaction and tapping into the unique and varying needs of the target market.

Online applications help marketers interact with customers and accumulate valuable insights. Today, marketers can leverage apps to devise promotional campaigns or an informational eBook and attain customer data in return.

However, creating an eBook can be arduous if you don’t have the proper tools to create one. Many marketers constantly rely on the ebook creator app to make the process seamless.

Furthermore, marketers can remotely monitor market dynamics and take the befitting decisions. They can streamline marketing communication and maintain market presence while sitting at home.

Social media marketing has provided marketers with a highly efficient tool of remotely marketing from home. They don’t need to get on-site and carry out ATL or BTL activities in public or large-scale branding in stores.

They can utilize social media apps and generate the same marketing response without all these hassles. Besides, it provides a broader reach in many cases.

2. Improve Managerial Functions

Management is a very communication-intensive corporate function. Managerial communication is all about devising the correct standard operating procedures and communicating them to employees.

It involves creating employee handbooks and the code of conduct. Work from home required different protocols and, therefore, new and updated manuals.

Several managers used apps efficiently to produce the desired material. It saves time and lets them carry out managerial activities seamlessly.

It allowed them to communicate the right message and the appropriate work from home SOPs on time. The sudden transformation in the workplace created many confusions.

Managers were under immense pressure to resolve employee queries. Apps helped them a lot in timely communicating and managing people before things could get even more complicated.

Moreover, online conferencing apps helped managers to communicate with employees in groups. It provided a similar feel to the real-world environment.

3. Help Maintain Communication

Communication is the soul of the corporate world. Communication determines whether the organization is successful or not. As employees transition to work from home mode, the communication gap starts increasing.

The daily conferences, group meetings, and personal chit-chat rule out in work-from-home. In this situation, apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams helped corporate professionals.

They provided effective virtual platforms to interact and communicate.

These apps helped employees to stay in touch with the seniors and colleagues to ensure proper corporate communication. Social media apps also provide a good source of communication.

Corporate executives pre-dominantly value them just for their marketing purpose. However, work from home proves that they can be a great source of communication channels, providing instant connectivity for teams.

It helps preserve cross-departmental communication, so employees freely share information and stay updated with daily progress.

4. Ease HR functions

The most employee-oriented function of any business is human resource management. Different HR functions require extensive first-hand employee communication. Therefore, HR is not an easy function to manage from home.

However, online apps provided support in that too. Online platforms for different HR functions help managers control operations from home. Informative dashboards and analytical controls enable HR managers to make informed decisions.

They provide a suitable information-sharing platform too. Timely dissemination of essential information helps HR executives make the right decisions while sitting separately at different locations.

There are several applications operational in HR that are streamlining work from home. Some have become more prominent and widely accepted.

For instance, Learning Management System (LMS) is a practical application to control the training and development of employees. High-tech Application Tracking Systems (ATS) assists in recruitment and selection.

Performance Management System (PMS) is an efficient application for performance monitoring. These applications help HR managers remotely plan, organize, lead, and control HR operations from home.

5. Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Supply chain and logistics are the most vulnerable components of any business. The business world realized this when normal operations halted amid the COVID pandemic.

The first thing that received the greatest hit in an organization was its supply chain and logistics operations. Therefore, these functions receive special consideration even while working from home.

These operations are crucial for other business functions. Mainly, they are of paramount importance for a production unit. The entire production halts if anything in the supply chain goes wrong.

You can’t reach the market if you don’t have appropriate logistics, including FTL freight, to optimize the supply chain operations and ensure seamless delivery of goods from production to the end consumers

Therefore, supply chain executives leveraged several apps to manage work from home. Different applications helped supply chain professionals to keep track of shipments and cargo. Numerous apps provided practical inventory management tools.

Apps like Logistimo, Link Bollore, Scandit, and EasyStock have streamlined different supply chain operations. They have helped employees streamline their supply chain monitoring and control functions from home.

Final Thoughts

Technology has always been on the high rise and has broken all those records amid the pandemic. It has offered apps that have become inevitable for modern business viability.

Primarily, these must have apps transformed into a regular part of business life in the recent rise of work from home. The examples discussed above provide a glimpse of such applications.

They behold the key to limitless potential. It would help if you effectively incorporated them into your overall business operations.


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