The Best Smartphone Investment Tools to Use in 2023

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With the ongoing global pandemic causing economic uncertainty, there is no better time than the present to start thinking about building up a financial bolster and savings pot.

Investing some of your money into a healthy and long-term strategy if you have enough stored away is also a good move. However, with lockdowns and restrictions stopping us from going about our daily lives as normal, this can seem difficult to achieve.

Want to start investing in the new year and formulating a healthy portfolio, but unsure and uncertain of where to begin?

To help get you inspired, here are a few quick examples of ways that you might be able to leverage your smartphone in order to get going with a potentially lucrative investment strategy remotely.

Investment Apps

A fantastic way to get started in the investment world if you’re unfamiliar is by downloading one of the various different helpful investment smartphone apps out there.

Not only can you learn in small, incremental bursts as you go about your everyday life, but you can also dip your toe into an investment with a smaller risk if you’d like.

Even looking into getting a robot-investor/AI platform to control your investment prospects can work for you if you’d like.

The Big Investment blog has an article on some key savings/investment apps to look into when getting started.

One key example of an investment app that could help you every day during 2021 (particularly when things go back to normal and we can shop outdoors regularly) is MoneyBox.

This app takes change rounded up from the small purchases you make here and there and invests it on your behalf, putting your loose change back to work for you in a productive way that you don’t even need to pay much attention to.

Remote Property Investment

A tactile and typically long-standing investment that many savvy investors have been moving their once-volatile capital into over the last 12 months, property investment can be an ideal financial backbone to any investment portfolio.

You might think that without the ability to visit a site and its surrounding city, an investment of this sort would be off the table at the moment, but in fact, there are plenty of ways that you can get involved from the comfort and safety of your own home.

For instance, RWinvest, a property investment company based out of Liverpool with additional offices in other bustling cities like Manchester and London is offering virtual reality property tours, alongside bespoke screen shares and video meetings.

Simply by downloading a file and using your smartphone screen as a makeshift VR device (either with or without a cheaply bought headset attachment), investors can get a fully 3D, immersive, ‘next-best-thing look at an investment property that they’re interested in.

Of course, there are a ton of surrounding materials and statistics that the company provides to investors interested in seizing some of the lucrative opportunities out there on the market rather than waiting for the pandemic to subside.

Tip – Property investment, of course, requires a substantial amount of capital to get started with, and so if you’re unfamiliar with the market there are a ton of free materials, podcasts, and videos out there to help you to begin learning about the terms and best areas to look into.

Remember, make sure that you’re getting your information from a legitimate source, and that you do your due diligence before going ahead with any investment strategy, not just one into the property.