Top 10 popular Android Apps you can download from Google play

Top 10 popular Android Apps you can download from Google play

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We have many apps for Android. But, in all those the top 10 popular Android Apps are picked up that you can download from Google Play. In this article, the top 10 popular android apps you can download from Google play are shared.


1. Flappy Bird:

The Android App Flappy Bird is deserved to be in this top most popular Android apps list because of its simplicity of the game. Many users are most likely to play this game. In all Android apps, Flappy bird app is dominating the other mobile market places. The theme of this game is, users need to flap the on-screen bird’s wings and gets into another level by eliminating the pipes. This is quite easy and addictive game.

2. Kik Messenger:

Nowadays Kik Messenger is been more popular with its features. It has an overall 100 million users and increasing day-by-day. Kik Messenger is another way of people getting in touch through communication on Android. This is a free app and it displays a person’s username rather than the person’s mobile number. It is a free way of messaging around costly text messages.

3. SnapChat:

This is one of the craziest apps for the young generation. Snapchat is used to share images, videos, adding the title and sending to friends, etc. The most interesting thing about this Android app is the clips are given shelf life. If they expire the time the recipient can no longer able to see those clips. This Android app is most popular among teens who are using regularly than others.

4. Minecraft:

Minecraft is the most expensive Android app, but though it is paid, it got most popular among the users. I get around $6 to $7. As we know using mines we build the blocks the same theorem is applied in this Android app also. Users used to build the blocks in their Minecraft world. The good thing about the Minecraft is users will only pay once for this app, then they will have access to this game with free of charge on any devices and all future devices.

5. Swiftkey Keyboard:

Swiftkey Keyboard is a bit crazy and shocking Android app to users. This app speciality is to predict the users next words and types automatically without pressing any key. This type of work done at $3.99. This Android app received 4.5 starts rating from 360,000 reviews. This can be said an awesome response from the users. All the time it cannot be good at guessing the next words of users, but almost it has done a good job in predicting the words.

6. Root Explorer:

The Root Explorer Android app is an ideal and creative solution for the people who want to get into their things deeper. This is a file manager which provides root access to the different device components, scripts and many other features. This costs $3.99.

7. Titanium Backup Pro:

This is one of the best and worth to be in a Top most popular Android apps you can download from Google Play. The Titanium Backup Pro is used to take the backup of different data like SMS, calls and other many other data which you are in need. This costs a bit high, but this Android app is worth to have this price of $6.58. It even works on devices that support multiple users. This is must have in our Android.

8. Skype:

As we all are well known about Skype. As it supports communication like voice, messages, etc. This is quite simple and has a giant community of 250 million people. This is quite a free app on Android. This is performing well all around the apps.

9. Clean Master:

As of now many of them were facing the working of Android, like some of them were working slowly. To avoid this and whoever want to work their devices as fast as possible should enter into this Android app called Clean Master. This app is very useful in boosting up RAM performance, clears the cache and clean out the Malware. It got 4.5 ratings from 5 million users.

10. Swype Keyboard:

This Android app helps in the fast type of documents. It is just around a while, but it got well popularity with its features inside. It is worth $3.99. Users used to swipe around the virtual keyboard to type out the messages rather than typing with individual keys. This is very useful to type out the documents and messages as fast as possible.

Last Words:

These are the top 10 popular android apps you can download from Google Play. Some of them are free and some are paid apps. These apps are well featured and popular all over the Android. If any other apps that are best for you, let me know in your comments.

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