Top 10 Most Popular and Best Gadgets in CES-2014

Top 10 Most Popular and Best Gadgets in CES-2014

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Top 10 Most Popular and Best Gadgets in CES-2014

The top 10 most popular and the best gadgets appeared in Consumer Electronics Show (CES-2014) this year, everything seems to be sophisticated and revolutionized concepts this year, most of them are wearable technology, some of them are prototypes/concepts, and some can be pre-ordered, we have gathered these gadgets as seen on and here goes the list:

1. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a next-generation virtual gaming headset, which gives you a completely new feel of the way of playing games, it has 360 degrees head tracking, which will capture even the slightest moments you do! you don’t need a display like TV’s anymore, just wear this headset and it has a Stereoscopic 3D view which will give you a unique experience of 3D, unlike other 3D display Televisions, in one line, I can say, the way you see the images with your eye, in the same way, you can feel seeing the images virtually in the Oculus Rift, in television screens and other displays the gaming display is restricted to the box screens, but now it’s not any more box displays, you can experience an Ultrawide display approximately 100 degrees field view

2. Sony Handycam FDR-AX100

Sony, a brand mark for Cameras, Cams, and high-end smartphones, launched Sony Handycam FDR-AX100 for a pretty much high price of around $2,000, but the gadget is apt for that price as it is a 4k resolution Handycam from Sony, it can capture every detail in 4k HD resolution, it can capture videos with 14MP resolution camera and images with 20MP resolution, there are still many more specifications, you can watch the video to know all of them!

3. Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Sony’s other gadget blew the techie’s mind at CES 2014, we saw Sony 4k resolution HDCAM, now it’s Sony’s 4k resolution ultra-short Throw Projector, you can simply place it next to any wall and these 4k resolutions project a 147-inch image, it’s pretty easy to operate with this new 4k resolution projector comparing to the old projector, just place it near to any wall, and watch the magic, we can adjust the projection size to as this projector is equipped with 1.6x powered zoom lens

Stunningly beautiful isn’t it? Cost is super high, ranges from $30k-40K

4. Vizio’s $1,000 4K Television

It’s 4k resolution time this year at CES, Vizio launched it’s cheapest Ultra HD 4k resolution television for just $1000k (50 inches), the picture quality is stunningly beautiful and as everyone seems to be adapting 4k resolution, the price of this 4K television will come down beyond $1k too

5. Pebble steel

Pebble steel is the next-generation smartwatch, that displays important notifications regarding calls, updates, texts, music control, alarms, etc and you don’t need to check your smartphone every time, just connect this Pebble Steel with your smartphone with Bluetooth and see the magic, it supports Android and iOs devices and the best part is it works upto 5-7 days without any re-charge

6. Intel Smart Earbuds

Intel Smart Earbuds are actually a pair of headphones with sensors inside in them, they are powered using the earpiece jack connected to the smartphones, these Smart Earbuds monitor the heart rate and select the songs based on your heart rate, but it won’t change the songs abruptly (as you are going to select the target of your heartbeat)

7. Razer’s Project Christine

Razer’s Project Christine is the world’s most modular pc design and everyone can experience extreme pc performance, everyone always wanted to upgrade their CPU, memory, graphic cards, now it’s pretty easy with this gadget, just changing the modules, we can experience the high-end performance of a personal computer

8. Mophie Space Pack

Mophie super pack is the world’s first battery pack with storage capability for iPhones (16 and 32GB), it is exactly similar to it’s earlier version Juice Pack, but the space pack has a button which it’s file management can be operated. with this, the iPhone’s battery life will get doubled (as the Juice pack do) and we can take photos, videos, etc and can store them internally without using the space of iPhone’s

9. GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array XL

GoldenEar SuperCinema 3D Array XL is an ultra-high performance loudspeaker system with a sophisticated and attractive design and with the best acoustic performance.


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