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The Best External Hard Drives for Video Editing

As a video editor, you know that no space in an external hard drive is ever enough.  Hard drives get filled up by videos quickly, and soon the hard drive gets full and starts slowing you down.  While working with large files, a video editor needs the best external hard drive for video editing. That

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Gifts Your Youtuber and Vlogger

26 Best Gifts Your Youtuber and Vlogger Friends Will Love

Everyone has at least one Youtuber or Vlogger on their friend’s list today. However, as fun, as they are to be around, buying their birthday gift is an intimidating task. So, here are the best gifts for YouTubers and vloggers to help you make the right choice. You can get your friends exactly what they

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Best Action Camera

A Guide to Finding the Best Action Camera in 2022

We all know GoPro is unrivaled in the best action cameras category. However, times are changing, and 2022 has introduced new challenges for the adventure photography crown. With the advent of brands like Olympus, DJI, and Akaso, Gopro faces tough competition in the market. So, more brands are now offering cameras that capture videos and

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Countdown of the 10 Best Laptops for YouTubers & Vloggers

People now consider YouTube a profession – especially the youth who are making the most of the platform. But without the right equipment (a laptop), one can’t break into the limelight. So today, I’m going to list down the ten best laptops for YouTubers. Once you are done recording, you’ll need the best creator laptop

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Best Cameras for Gaming

Best Cameras for Gaming of 2021 – Perfect Gaming Visuals

Gaming is an outer-world experience; when you play games, you are immersed and lost in the fantasy of visuals, characters, and gameplay. Rightfully so, that experience is minimized when it is not shown to the audience with the best cameras for gaming.  The best cameras for gaming ensure that you and the audience have the

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Huawei 5g Mobile Phones

With the freezing of the 5G norm, the 5G development formally started. Instructions to effectively design a 5G organization are the focal point of administrators. This white paper gives an inside and out an investigation of the difficulties looked by 5G organization arranging as far as air interface, range, administrations, situations, and design. Its subtleties

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Best Headphones for Streaming Video Games

10 Best Headphones for Streaming Video Games

When it comes to headphones, there’s nothing that can beat the feeling of having a high-quality pair strapped around your head, ready to transport you into the game world. Game streaming is becoming more popular as technology continues to advance. This means that headphones are now required for gamers who want to live stream their

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Best Budget Smartphones

Best Budget Smartphones 2022 Pricing below $200

Smartphones are being launched by many smartphone manufacturing companies. Meanwhile, the craze of owning a stylish and awesome featured smartphone is been increasing among people day-by-day. Best Budget Smartphones Pricing Below $200 to Check and Avail in 2022 People are looking for the best smartphones that come with well-established features.  Truly, the competition among Smartphones

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Canon Powershot G7x

Is the Canon G7X Good for Vlogging in 2021 or Not?

Over the years, Canon Powershot G7 has been one of the hottest cameras in the market today. Sure, there are better cameras in the market today. But the demand for Powershot G7x has skyrocketed ever since all the popular vloggers and YouTubers recommended it to their followers. It is so popular because its user-friendly features

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