Top 5 Best Ways To Transfer Files From Computer To Android And Vice Versa

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Today on All Top 9 we came up with Android subject, a basic knowledge regarding android devices that are known to many and may unknown to few. So, the best 5 methods to transfer files from computer to android and from android to computer are published as follows.

Top 5 Best Ways To Transfer Files From Computer To Android And Vice Versa

The 5 best ways to transfer all our data from system to android or from android to system are been listed as follows.


In March this year AirDroid received an interesting update that opened the possibility to transfer files between computer and Android gestures, besides mirroring notifications on your computer and others.
Well, why not use AirDroid to transfer all those files we have this advantage synchronized with our Android tab? And thanks to that update, it is as simple as dragging the files you want to transfer to the browser window where we open AirDroid.


PushBullet has been updated as has been advancing development towards adapting to users: notifications Android on your computer, sync notifications across devices … but the project itself was born with the aim of making it much easier to transfer files (among others) between your computer and Android, and that is something that continues to perfection and with astonishing speed. And when combined with the recent beta Windows application, the chances are much greater.

Software Data Cable

Much talk about alternatives that we present in the cloud, but there are options available if we do locally? This application, which Axel and spoke earlier this year, allows us to transfer files between your computer thanks to FTP, and among Android devices creating a WiFi hotspot to connect using the application.
Even we can use these two methods at a time, and continue to use the cloud as a backup of your files through the application.

Droid Sync Manager

If you want to follow without resorting to the cloud for it, and the application above you is somewhat complicated or messy to use, we will always project XDA-Developers that Pedro Moya very accurately described to us back in March. Install the Windows client, our Android application and not need any more: we see all of our computer files on the phone and vice versa.
Although the application is available on Google Play (and beta), we highly recommend that you go to the project page on XDA-Developers for you to be truly a day.

Cable: our old ally

And finally, do not want to miss the opportunity to mention a friend who is with us every day even though increasingly have more wireless enemies.
Yes, I mean the typical USB cable that doubles wire transfer and charging , and more likely to meet the basic needs that you may have on this subject with astonishing simplicity. As much as you enjoy life without wires give him a chance,he would not do the same.
These are the top best 5 ways to transfer files from computer to android and also from android to computer as follows.

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