Share WiFi Network with Friends Without Sharing A Password with iOS 11

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As we all know that iOS 11 is going to be a big update than before iOS updates. Already we have revealed all the 100 changes in iOS 11 in our latest article. In this article, we are going to reveal another biggest feature of iOS 11. That is sharing the WiFi network with your friends and guests without sharing the WiFi password. Yes! Now we can share our WiFi without the need to copy and send the alphanumeric passwords to the guests. Awesome isn’t it?

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As has happened over the last few years with Android, Apple’s software platform gradually increases its native features and tools from the successive updates. In the case of iOS 11, the new version of the iPhone and iPad software will count with many changes, some of them are more outstanding, as we have already listed the day of the official presentation in WWDC 2017. Others are more subtle, but not by Important and useful.


Share Your WiFi Network Without Sharing A Password with iOS 11

Here are the required steps to share your WiFi network with the guests without sharing the WiFi password.

  • When the Wi-Fi password screen of another iOS 11 device is brought nearby to an iOS 11 device which is already connected to that Wi-Fi network, a new pop-up message is displayed saying that another iOS 11 device is attempting to join the network.

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  • A single tap on the already connected device will instantly send the necessary password over-the-air to the second device and fill in the necessary password fields.

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  • Once the password is saved on a new device, it will remember it. However, given that the credentials are actually being sent over-the-air to the other device, it’s likely that they are still stored in the iCloud Keychain, and the password will still be accessible if that person knows where to look.

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There is one requirement for sharing a WiFi network with your friends or family members. Their iPhone should also be upgraded to iOS 11. Make sure that both the devices that is sharing the Wi-Fi network and connecting device should possess with iOS 11, the new operating system of iPhone and iPad.
This is a small tutorial to share your WiFi network with your friends without sharing a WiFi password. Simple isn’t it?

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If you have any queries regarding sharing our WiFi network, let us know in the below comments. We will surely help you with that to solve as soon as possible.
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