Top Gaming & Entertainment Startups for 2023

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Portugal is slowly becoming a gaming hub. This has led to the emergence of many online gaming sites to cater to the rising number of players.

The acceptance of online gaming has also been significant as many Portuguese players have embraced the sport. There are many emerging gaming and entertainment startups.

According to our expert, Victoria Oliveira, here are some of the top gaming startups and entertainment companies in Portugal in 2023


Replai is one of the major gaming startups for 2023 here in Portugal. Founded in 2019, Replai is located in Porto and provides players with a platform for sharing short esports videos.

Replai has invested in artificial intelligence, which is tasked with selection and uploading on the platform. The gaming startup has estimated funding of USD 1M, with popular investors being Bright Pixel and Ground Control Ventures.


Scanteam is one of the major startups that allow Portuguese to play various online games. The company has invested in professional customer service to ensure that customer queries are handled on time.

The online game is fully compatible with mobile devices and rated highly on the  review site.

It is an ideal platform if you are looking for a site authorized for Portuguese players.


Another gaming and entertainment startup to look out for is Dopio. Dopio has invested mainly in voice command gaming. Founded in 2018, Dopio is located in Porto and is tasked with developing conversational games.

These games possess the ability to be played with the human voice commands being the console. Dopio has partnered with other corporations like Amazon and Google using Alexa and Google Assistant, respectively.

Dopio has experienced funding of close to USD 1M with common top investors being Alexis Bonte, Breakaway Growth, and Google assistant investors, among others

Chill Time

Chill time is a web game developer that is located in Lisbon and was founded in 2007. The biggest breakthrough was World War Online which was launched in 2010.

The web development studio has funding of upwards of USD 100000, mainly from its pioneer and Founder, Daniel Vila Boa.


Emotai ranks among the best video game startups in Portugal. Located in Lisbon, Emotai was founded in 2017 here in Lisbon, Portugal. The gaming developer is focused more on virtual reality technology. The gaming developer launched the use of a headband that is capable of tracking brain waves for gamers.

The players should wear the headband anytime they are playing. On the other hand, the headband analyses the brain activity of the players to determine their mental state and, if need be, increase their performance.

Emotai has an application where different performances for different gameplays are analyzed, and you can compare your performance and help you plan. Common investors include Startup Porto Accelerator and Artesian.

City Check

City Check is also an emerging gaming startup in Portugal. It was founded in 2015 and is located at Evora. City Check provides a platform where you can play games through their application.

City Check application is equipped with educational and fun games which are accessible on mobile devices through the application.

City Check application is available on iOS in the Apple store. City Check has also won many awards, including the Visa Award for Connected Commerce held at the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge in Finland.

The top common investors in Evora include The Journey, LC Ventures, and Best Horizon.


One of the top technological trends in the gaming world is the use of blockchain technology. Located in Braga, Exeedme has fully embraced this technological milestone. Founded in 2018, Exeedme has been at the forefront of organizing a blockchain esports-powered tournament.

The tournament allows you to monetize your gaming skills by offering rewards derived from NFTs and DeFi technology. Moonrock Capital is the largest investor in Exeedme.

Indot Studio

Indot studio was founded in 2013 and is located in Barcelo, Portugal. Just as its name, Indot Studio specializes in the development of indie games; hence it is an Indie game development studio. It mainly develops casual games in the likes of action, puzzles, and arcades.

The common games produced in the Indie game development studios include Tower of Salvation, Black Bunny, and Chicken Tumble.

One game that is upcoming and being awaited by players is Shutix. The amazing part of the Indot studio games is that they are available in all operating systems including iOS, Windows, and Android.


Another promising startup in Portugal has to be Automaise. The startup which was founded in 2017, has its base at Braga, the 3rd most populated city in Portugal. Automaise is a big believer in artificial intelligence.

Automaise is in the business of ensuring employers look after the needs of their clients through their customer support.

Automaise uses a fully artificial intelligence-driven form of employing virtual employees who work in customer service. These employees answer clients’ questions in various fields. Automaise has a donor funding of close to €1 million


Among the many startups in Portugal, Utrust is a startup to look out for shortly. The startup which was founded in 2017, is based in one of the most populated cities of Portugal, Braga. Utrust seeks to address the usage and adoption of cryptocurrency in the Portugal market.

It seeks to prove the point that digital currency is the money for the future.

Utrust is a top cryptocurrency advocate to modernize ways of transacting as well as provide a solution to problems encountered with the use of traditional modes of transacting.

Utrust has donor funding of more than €17.6 million, which was raised in 3 rounds. With the growth of cryptocurrency usage in Portugal, Utrust is bound to expand.

Future of Online Gaming

Portugal being a hub for PC and mobile gaming startups is set to have new ventures emerge as time goes by. These are the current startups in the Portugal online gaming world, and we will keep updating this post.


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