Track Down the Location of Any Mobile Number in Seconds

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Today, Mobile has become the crucial part that occupies a predominant role in every person’s day-to-day life. Can anyone imagine a day without a Mobile? It’s not really possible and even no one stabs to imagine such a kind of circumstance. Genuinely, mobile is one of the most significant gadgets that is contributing to technological advancement and enhancing the field of communication. Almost 90% of people across the globe are using mobiles and some of them are mostly dependent on these gadgets to complete their day-to-day activities hastily.

Development in technology is a boon to every human being and at the same time in some cases, it turns into a curse. Meanwhile, there are pros and cons to using mobile. Some of them try to misuse this improved technology and involves in illegitimate undertakings. Getting Miss Calls, threatening calls, and prank calls, from an unknown number, is one of the major problems with using mobiles that leads to the somber issue. In order to find out the unknown person from whom you are receiving prank calls by tracing the mobile number. You can trace any mobile number along with the name of the owner and location.

This article helps you to provide the best ways to trace out a mobile number with the exact owner name, location, and operator in India.

Techniques to Trace Mobile Numbers with Name, Location, and Operator

Variant sources are available that help you in tracing a Mobile number with the exact owner name, location, and operator. The major sources through which you can trace the mobile number are tracing through websites, mobile telephone numbering in India, the Google Search engine, and using free Mobile apps.

Technique #1: Track through Websites

You can trace a mobile number with the exact name, location, and service provider by using websites. There are many online websites that help you in tracing the owner of the mobile number. Below you can find the list of best websites that provides the details of a person’s mobile number.

Mobile Tracker | India

Mobile Tracker | India is the most useful website that provides information on any mobile number along with the location that is shown on the Google map comprising of Latitude and Longitude Positions. It ensures the user that the website will not store the mobile number in their database. Just follow the below steps to trace the mobile number with name, location, and operator using this website.
Trace Mobile number- Mobile Tracker India
Step 1. Visit the website Mobile Tracker India.
Step 2. You can find a search box where you need not add 0 or 91 before the 10-digit mobile number.
Step 3. Enter the 10-digit Mobile Number and Click on ‘Trace’.
Step 4. Now, you will get the following information about the owner of the Mobile Number.

  • Phone Number
  • Location (State)
  • Provider
  • Locate the place on Google Map

Trace out using Mobile Tracker India


Internet4Mobile is an automated tracking system just like an online telephone directory that includes the complete database of mobile number codes & STD codes of ‘India’, Mobile Locator, trace on mobile, etc. This is the most accurate website that provides precise information about the person using the mobile number. Just follow the below steps so as to trace the mobile number with the state, city, and service provider.
Trace Mobile Number- Mobile Number Locator
Step 1. Visit the website.
Step 2. You can find a search box where you need not add 0 or 91 before the 10-digit mobile number.
Step 3. Enter the 10-digit Mobile Number and click on Trace.
Trace Mobile Number- Internet4Mobile
Step 4. Internet4Mobile provides you with the following information:

  • State
  • Reference City (if provided by this service).
  • Service Provider
  • Locate your mobile number on Google Maps.

Trace out using Internet4Mobile

India Trace

India Trace is also a Free Website that helps in tracking any mobile Number in India providing information such as its Location, Service Provider, etc. India Trace not only traces the mobile number but also helps you to trace vehicle numbers, landline numbers, etc. Here, you can find simple steps in order to track the mobile number with owner details by using India Trace.
India Trace-Mobile Tracker
Step 1: Visit the Website.
Step 2. You can find a search box where you can find +91 before the box.
Step 3. Enter the 10-digit Mobile Number and click on Trace.
Step 4: India Trace provides the following information as soon as you click on a trace.

  • Service Provider
  • Service Type
  • Location
  • Locates the Place on the Map

Trace Mobile number- India trace
Trace out using India Trace 

Technique #2: Mobile Telephone Numbering in India

  • Mobile Telephone Numbering in India is a technique where you can get a list of Mobile Numbers along with the locations and the Telecom Operator.
  • You need to go through all the mobile codes in order to find the mobile number.
  • This technique is a little complex as you need to search and find the mobile number.
  • By using this technique, you can find the state of the mobile number’s owner.

Check the list: Mobile Telephone Numbers in India

Technique #3: True Caller – Phone Number Search

Truecaller is the largest mobile community that is very popular globally. Truecaller delivers a great experience by providing accurate results to the users. It finds the contact details of the given name or telephone number globally. This true caller search goes beyond the limitations of current phonebook apps so that people will have access to the precise information, people, and businesses they need. It has a built-in caller ID service that achieves call-blocking functionality. You can use this app if you have an internet connection on your device. Just follow the below steps so as to search a person’s details using True Caller Phone Number Search.
Search Mobile Number using True caller app

  • Visit the Website – True Caller-Phone Number Search
  • You can find a Search field in which you need to enter a 10- digit Mobile number.
  • Just Click on Search and then it asks you to ‘Sign in’ either by using Twitter or Facebook.
  • As soon as you sign into your account, you be redirected to a page where you will get the owner’s name of the Mobile number along with the location.

True Caller-phine number search

Technique #4: Using Mobile App [Free]

Today, most of us are totally depending on mobiles for completing our day-to-day activities. You can use your phone to trace out details of any mobile number by installing mobile apps that give an accurate result for your search. Below, you can find the mobile apps that help you in tracing the mobile number.

True Caller

True Caller is an amazing app that can be used by users of Android, Symbian, Blackberry, or iOS Mobile Devices to trace the name and location of any mobile number across the globe. True caller mobile app has many features like caller ID service that can attain call-blocking functionality and you can also maintain a phonebook up-to-date with images and birthdays on social networking sites.

How to Trace Mobile Number Information on your Mobile Device?

  • If you are a user of Android, Blackberry, Symbian, or iOS mobile devices, then initially you need to install the Truecaller mobile app.
  • Visit the True Caller Website and download the mobile application on your mobile.
  • After finishing the mobile app installation, open the application.

True caller-mobile app

  • Two input fields will be displayed on the screen as Name or Number and Place.
  • In the first input field, enter any mobile number and just tap on search.
  • Within a few seconds, you will get the information of the mobile number with the name, location, and service provider.

Track Mobile number-true caller app

  • The above-mentioned process is applicable to mobile users. You can follow the below steps to install True Caller on your PC.

How to Install True Caller on Your PC?

  • True Caller is an Android app that can be installed on a PC by using a method that helps to run this application on your PC.
  • “Bluestacks” is a free software program that works as an Android emulator on your PC and it is used to run Android apps on your PC.
  • Initially, Download Bluestacks which is free software.
  • After installing Bluestacks on your PC, go to App Search.

Search for Truecaller on Bluestacks

  • In the App Search field, type True Caller.
  • Now, you will get True Caller on the screen. Just click on Install the Truecaller application.

Install TrueCaller on pc

  • After completing the installation, open the application and enter any mobile number in the input field.
  • Click on the Search button.
  • Now, you will get the details of the mobile number such as name and location.

Track Mobile number-true caller app

How have Truecaller App works?

  • Truecaller is a wonderful app that provides you the information on mobile numbers in almost all cases.
  • This app maintains a huge database that gathers the details of mobile numbers from different sources like Social networking sites, Mobile apps, SMS sites, etc.
  • Whenever you open or verify any of the above sites which are a part of the Truecaller database, then all the details like name and location will be stored in the Truecaller database.
  • If you type any mobile number so as to trace its details, then the app will search the database and displays the result on your device.

Note: The results shown by Truecaller may not be completely true in all the cases but it will show accurate details in 95% of the cases.

How To Unlist / Remove Your Mobile Number Details from Truecaller Database?

If you wish to remove your number details from the true caller database then follow the easy way that is given below:

  • Firstly, go to Truecaller – Unlist Phone Number.
  • Enter your mobile number including the country code at the beginning of the 10-digit mobile number.

Unlist phone number from Truecaller Database

  • Enter the captcha shown below the mobile number field.
  • Now, click on Unlist.
  • Your mobile number will be unlisted successfully from the Truecaller Database.

Other Useful Sites

I hope this article gave you the maximum information on “How to Trace Mobile Numbers Online”. This is the complete information that we can get from The Internet and if you know any other methods please do share in your comments.