5 Tricks to Improve Your Personal Branding Using Social Networks

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Social networks represent a real lease to expand and work on your personal brand online by completing small daily actions and interacting with other pages and profiles. Take an advantage of the following handful of tricks to improve your visibility and reputation on the web using social networks.

The personal brand is, according to the definition provided by the Technological Coaching website, “a concept of personal development consisting of considering yourself as a brand, which is like trademarks, in other words it is to be transmitted and protected, with the aim of differentiating themselves and achieve greater success in social and professional relations. ” Applying to digital terrain, it encompasses all the actions that you can perform through video, blog infographics, social networks, applications or web pages. 

Tricks to Improve Your Personal Branding Using Social Networks

One of the best news is that you can start building your personal brand from scratch, using weapons such as storytelling, platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or opening a personal blog or a YouTube channel. Following these few simple steps will help you to achieve a better digital reputation without investing money, and achieve greater professional visibility, prestige, and value as a content generator or opinion.

Here we give you 5 little tricks that can improve your personal brand using social networks.

Add a new image to your profile 

Do you carry the same LinkedIn profile picture as when you finished the race? Are you still with the avatar you put on Twitter when you opened the account? Constantly updating your photo on social networks is a way to demonstrate that you are constantly recycling and a way to capture an instantaneous change of image in social networks. This helps in reactivating interactions. Remember that, especially if you use networks exclusively for professional purposes, photography must be serious, with high quality and good resolution.

Update your biography on Twitter 

Twitter is one of the social networks of a more instantaneous nature and tends to dialogue, debate, satire, and information at the last minute. Jack Dorsey’s platform, specialized in microblogging, offers you the possibility of generating opinion, following the media and influencers, contacting experts and carving an entourage of followers. You may not have taken advantage of the possibility of promoting or generating impact through the description of your bio, consisting of 160 characters. In this space, you can mention the account of the company or projects you work with, add your personal blog or think of an ingenious declaration of your person, as well as use a famous event that differentiates you. 


Shame is over! Without spamming, it is important to use your accounts in social networks to highlight your recent work, share a piece of your blog on Facebook, spread your artwork or graphic on Instagram or update the job information on LinkedIn. It is important that the format and the support, conditioned to each other, are well adapted.

Share interesting content on a constant basis

The ego should not dominate your pulse when typing in networks, so in addition to your own achievements, advances or publications, it is important that you refrain from being too promotional and share all kinds of content which may have value for your potential target. From a curious article to an attractive video clip, an infographic relevant to your industry or a tutorial of an interesting product.

Forge valuable connections with people 

Networking and business opportunities, training or growth also take place in the online environment and can be worked through social networks. You can, for example, mention Twitter authors, speakers or leaders of your industry, either in a casual tone or to propose some kind of symbiosis or collaboration.
These are the few simple tricks which will give you excellent outputs. If you are one of the influencers, then share your experiences with our readers for better awareness of this topic.
If you have any queries let us know through the comment section below. We will get back to you to solve all your queries as soon as possible.
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