Importance of Infographics for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Infographics or Information graphics, as the name intends, are a visual representation of information or data to present complex info quickly and clearly. These Infographics are also very helpful to attract users and make them understand the information in a simpler way.

infographics are good for seo
I have seen many people wondering why good bloggers create Infographics, or someone like Neil keeps creating Infographics on a regular basis. And out of those people, most of them think its only to make people attract towards their site. Yes! that’s true, but they don’t know the advantages Infographics carry along with them. It is one of the most effective strategy related to content marketing.

Here I have listed various reasons of why Infographics are good for SEO:

  1. Interest grows as it is attractive to visitors.
  2. Build targeted audience.
  3. The content goes viral.
  4. Creating greater brand awareness.
  5. Better understanding of content.
  6. People link back with credits.
  7. Make visitors stay longer.
  8. Can be embedded by other bloggers.
  9. Portrays you as an expert.

Infographics are Highly Effective Visual Tools that can capture the attention and imagination of your audiences. As well as drive a successful digital marketing campaign through Search Engine Optimization.

1. Interest grows as it is Attractive to Visitors

Infographics is a very important piece of a content that can be effective digital marketing too. People tend to get more attracted by content with visual elements rather plain text-based content.

2. Build Targeted Audience

90% of people learn fast with visual information. Visual info like graphs, charts, pictures, stylished fonts and other graphical elements can do a lot better to capture the attention of target audiences.

3. Content Goes Viral

If you can combine the power of text, graphics and photos into a copelling infographic you will increase in viewers there by making it go viral.

4. Creating Greater Brand Awareness

Increase your brand awareness by creating innovative infographics. This will make your audience undertand the uniqueness of your brand in a different way.

5. Better Understanding of Content

Most of the customers give importance to detailed visual content. Infographics are the key to success in marketing to provide clear and concise bits of information in understandable and graphical appealing way.

6. People Link Back with Credits

Infographics plays major role in making your content viral through Social networking sites. Infographics can help you to generate more likes, comments and hsares over various social networking sites that plays an important role in boositng your SEO efforts.

7. Make Visitors Stay Longer

Infographics are designed to make visitors stay longer to increase stick rates. Infographics will make people stick to their screens for longer time thereby decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the average time duration takes place.

8. Portable or can be Embedded by Fellow Bloggers

Infographics can be shared on Various platforms and websites if properly embedded with code below it. Infographics are shared by other bloggers if they like it. They are not only give credits but also provide a link back which is again in a part of SEO.

9. Portrays you as an Expert

As you use elements like charts, tables, graphs, pics and other visual elements will make you as an expert in this region. Complete knowledge about the infographic topic and research are essential which will allow to get portrayed as expert.

This is all about the importance of the Infographics for Search Engine Optimization. Let us know your views in comments.