Top Sites For Free Music At School That Aren’t Blocked

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Who doesn’t love music? It’s the food of the soul. Music is like medicine that takes you to other worlds. Many educational institutes and workplaces restrict access to music websites for obvious reasons.

However, the internet is vast and full of free content. You can still use several websites to listen to your favorite tunes. In this article, we will look at the top unblocked music sites for schools. So, put your headphones on and continue reading. 

10 Best Unblocked Sites To Listen To Music At School 

1. Grooveshark



Grooveshark is perhaps the most popular name on our “free unblocked music sites for school” list. It provides unlimited access to free content. You can listen to your favorite music, artist, or album or create your own.

From personalized music albums to the latest tracks and playlists, Grooveshark offers a number of features to make your music experience as seamless as possible. Not just that, it also provides radio facilities, so you can listen to your favorite FM channel. However, to start with Grooveshark, you need to sign up and create your account. 

2. BlueBeat 

Bluebeat is another excellent unblocked music website. It has an extensive library of music content, including 3D songs. You can easily play your favorite content, switch between different tracks and skip forwards and backward as you please. While it lets you play your favorites free of cost, there is one caveat.

Bluebeat plays ads between the songs, which can be distracting. The good thing is they have a very affordable student plan ($3 /month) that lets you listen to millions of songs without any ads or skip limits. You can also create your own playlist to share with others. 

3. Jamendo

If listening to mainstream songs bores you, head over to Jamendo. It’s the best free music website to discover new independent artists. As of writing this article, Jamendo has over 220,000 royalty-free music tracks you can stream or download.

All the content is available via its website; you don’t have to create your account or download its app. However, the problem with this music platform is that it doesn’t feature artists from all over the world. You can only find US, Brazilian and European music on its website. 

4. FreePlay Music 


FreePlay Music is a goldmine of music to play during your independent study hours. It offers thousands (over 50,000) of songs you can use in your classroom. You can also pick between no lyrics and non-recognizable songs to focus on the activity. At the same time, music plays in the background.

But, to start downloading and playing music, you need to create an account on the FreePlay Music platform. It’s simple and requires no credit card information. Once you create your profile, you can add songs to your card, select in-classroom use and get free access to the song for 99 years… sweet, right?

5. LiveXLive (Previously Slacker)

LiveXLive is an updated version of Slacker, an online radio station. It lets you access more than 200 channels and listen to your favorite music as per your choice. The best thing about LliveXLive is that you don’t need to sign up and create your account. Most features like listening to music, news, and sports content are free.

But, if you create an account, you can get exclusive access to extra features like creating your own channel, subscribing to other channels, and more. 

6. Soundzabound

Soundzabout is the best royalty-free music site for schools and students. The reason? It offers an excellent mix of entertainment and education purpose music. On this site, you can find almost every genre Gen Z listens to, including hip-hop, rap, electronic, acoustic, gaming, and more.

All in all, it has over 80 different genres for the available content. Not only that, Soundzabout provides free access to a variety of audio tracks, instrumentals, animations, and sound effects for students. So, you can use its content for educational purposes as well, such as PowerPoint presentations, video yearbooks, audio/video projects, web designing, music, etc. 

7. TuneIn

TuneIn is like radio on steroids. It offers hundreds of local radio stations, sports stations, podcast channels, talk show channels, podcasts, news stations, and more from all over the globe. You can save your favorite stations for easy access and listen to songs without creating a user account.

What’s more, it also serves as a free music app. So, you can bring your radio with you even to the classroom. But, it’s just a radio service, which means you can’t listen to specific songs if you want. Also, the basic version runs on ads and comes with limited features. 

8. AccuRadio


AccuRadio is a free internet radio service. It provides free access to over 1400 customizable channels you will fall in love with. Every song on this platform is very enjoyable, from classical hits to nostalgic tunes and the latest trending music. The site also offers free webcasts, including online radio channels you can listen to.

No need to create an account to listen to songs or albums. However, creating an account unlocks the “Five Star Radio” feature. It lets you create your personalized channel with only your favorite tracks. 

9. Hulkshare

Hulkshare is the perfect music site for students at schools and colleges. It offers a ton of free music, and you can also upload your music to share it with a wider audience. Communicating with others is easy – almost like a social media platform. The website contains a list that mentions each week’s top trending songs.

So you can listen to all the latest and most popular songs in one place. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you search and choose a piece with a few clicks. You can also adjust the filers of a track according to your mood. 

10. JioSaavn 


Previously known as Saavn, JioSaavn offers free online Indian songs to play and download. Suppose you are a fan of Hindi Music, Bollywood songs, South Indian Movie tracks, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, or independent Indian musicians. In that case, Jiosaavn should be on top of your list of unblocked music sites for school computers.

The sound quality is great, and it also provides lyrics translation. Furthermore, JioSaavn offers a limited collection of English songs to soothe your senses. You must download their music app from the Google or Apple app store to use this service. 

Best Unblocked Music Sites For School – FAQs 

How Can I Get Spotify Unblocked At School?

You can easily bypass any restriction around Spotify by using a reliable VPN service like IPVanish. Once connected, you can open the app like any other without facing any streaming issues at school or college. 

How Do I Unblock A Site On A Chrome Browser?

To unblock a site on your chrome browser, install a browser VPN extension like Browec VPN. You can then use the VPN from your browser without downloading an extra VPN app on your smartphone. 

How Can I Unblock A Site? 

You can unblock a website by: 

  • Using a reliable VPN service
  • Using a proxy or mirror website
  • Changing your browser’s network proxy
  • Changing your internet’s DNS

How Can I Listen To Music Offline?

The best way to listen to music offline is to download the songs on your smartphone. To do that, you have to download a music app of your choice, such as Spotify, Pandora, etc. Most of these music apps come with an easy download feature. So, download a song and enjoy your music without an internet connection. 

Why Do Schools Block Music Sites? 

Schools often block access to music sites to reduce distractions and help their students focus on their studies. Usually, music platforms come with a limitless supply of songs, leading many kids to spend too much time on their phones.

So, if they have unlimited access to these song libraries, it becomes easy for them to go overboard and lose their concentration in their studies.