WhatsApp lands in CarPlay with the Latest Update to use it in Your Car

WhatsApp lands in CarPlay with the Latest Update to use it in Your Car

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Good news for motorists with CarPlay: WhatsApp now also works with Apple’s car system. This makes it easier for you to send WhatsApp messages or read new messages while you are in the car.

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Use WhatsApp with CarPlay

CarPlay supports a number of standard apps, while developers can also customize their apps for the Apple car system. Till date, only Apple audio apps have been admitted to CarPlay, but from version 2.18.20 WhatsApp also works with CarPlay. You can therefore easily send new WhatsApp messages, but also have your newly received messages read on. With the WhatsApp button on your CarPlay system, you can quickly open the messaging app on your car radio.

After updating to the latest version of WhatsApp, the icon will automatically appear on your CarPlay system once you have connected your iPhone. With the WhatsApp app in CarPlay you can do the following things:

  • Listening to unread messages: If you have just received a new message, Siri immediately indicates in CarPlay about how many new messages are ready. The messages are then read aloud one by one.
  • Send new messages: with the WhatsApp app you first indicate who you want to send the message to. Then you dictate the message. Siri will read your recorded message as confirmation, after which you can change or send it.

The difference with iMessage in CarPlay is that WhatsApp can not browse through a list of chat conversations. With WhatsApp in CarPlay, you can only use Siri. Previously this was possible thanks to the collaboration with Siri, but the advantage of the CarPlay version is that you also receive push messages from WhatsApp. WhatsApp also works with multitasking in CarPlay and replaces the Phone or Messages app.

More news in WhatsApp

Besides the support of CarPlay, WhatsApp has also made other smaller changes. The previously discussed mentions button in group conversations is now available so that you can only view your listings quickly in large groups. Moreover, there is a search function in group conversations, with which you can search for contact details in a group. You can find them by going to the group information and tapping the Search with the participants.

That is it! You are done with setting up the WhatsApp in your Car with CarPlay. Awesome isn’t it? I hope this article will help all the Apple users to use WhatsApp even in their Car without any disturbance. If you have any queries regarding the WhatsApp with CarPlay, then let us know them in the below comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your queries.

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