Whatsapp Updates : Whatsapp SIM and Whatsapp for WEB

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Finally Whatsapp released new updates at a time such as Whatsapp SIM for chatting purpose and Whatsapp for WEB who can use through Google Chrome browser by updating Whatsapp. Let’s discuss the both Whatsapp updates as follows.


WhatSim: A SIM card to chat WhatsApp in any country

Using WhatsApp while you’re traveling is not always easy because we depend on always on open Wi-Fi, paying the cost of roaming or buying a local SIM card. WhatSim seeks to solve the problem by offering service WhatsApp to send messages. Text in more than 150 countries at a price of € 10 per year .
WhatSim is a SIM card that works with multiple operators countries among which include Mexico, Chile, Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Brasil. 10 € equals a SIM card that you can use to send text messages for a whole year. The trick here is that if you want to send photos or other media you will need to purchase credit packages.
The minimum refills cost 5 € and amount to 1,000 credits . The company has been divided into four zones costs, leaving Europe and the United States in the cheapest, and Latin America are the two most expensive. How expensive it is to send a photo? In the United States or Spain will cost just 20 credits, while in Chile, Mexico and Colombia will cost 200 credits (1 €) . In the case of video the price shoots up to four times.
The company offers to acquire Italian origin SIM card directly from your website , although it announced it will also be available through local distributors. The press release makes mention of voice calls on WhatsApp, ensuring that your offer will be met once these are available to the end user.
The initiative is good, but should be taken with care as no participant lists operators are offered. Perhaps WhatSim take advantage of the offers from many local operators where after a prepaid recharge service WhatsApp is offered for a limited time.

WhatsApp launch customer for web [Updated]

For months it was  rumored, today is a reality:  WhatsApp has launched a web client messaging service  that is available from the address  web.whatsapp.com. The user can scan a QR code directly from the client WhatsApp for Android and BlackBerry.
The page calls the latest version of WhatsApp client, which can scan the code directly from the menu (by selecting WhatsApp Web ). Currently we can not verify that it works as our client WhatsApp has enabled that option.
We will keep you informed of how once we have access works. If any of you can already access, you can leave your impressions in the comments.
Update (1730 CL): On Facebook, Jan Koum, CEO of Whatsapp, posted a message on how to start using the service.
Well, Whatsapp is well developing than any other apps. Have a Great Day!!!