How To: WhatsApp Started To Verify Company Profiles

WhatsApp Business
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WhatsApp has begun to verify company profiles as part of its strategy to promote its messaging tool within the business world.

After many rumors and leaks, it has been confirmed that WhatsApp is starting to verify company profiles.

How to Verify a WhatsApp Business Account?

Apparently, the multinational is carrying out a pilot project involving companies of various kinds, but they have not yet communicated about which organizations are within this Beta program and why.

The service will be called WhatsApp Business and its verification system in a very similar way to Facebook accounts, as these will have a green icon next to the name of the contact.

The user will have the possibility to save the number in their agenda or, on the contrary, to block it (in the case of spam).

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With this novelty, WhatsApp wants to enter the world of business without any cost to this service for the customers. In fact, their goal is the ability to communicate with any company easily, quickly, and conveniently.

But, how can I request verification of a WhatsApp Business account?

It seems that all the interested companies should send a series of reports to the multinational and after the organization checks a series of data, the icon will appear, just like it happens on Facebook.

The audited accounts of WhatsApp can also define customer schedules and auto-reply messages whenever a user attempts to contact the company after hours.

They are also expected to incorporate other types of advantages specially designed to improve the communication between companies and users, but still, we have to wait for the service to be launched officially. 

WhatsApp Business Accounts Verification Note:

WhatsApp business verification is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in a pilot program.

These are the latest details about WhatsApp business verification. We will update this article once the official announcement is released from the WhatsApp team. Bookmark this page or website for the latest updates about WhatsApp company profile verification. I hope this article helped you in a right way.

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