Hundreds of Cool WhatsApp Group Names for Friends and Family

cool whatsapp group names
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WhatsApp is the most widespread instant messaging app in all corners of the world. Who doesn’t like WhatsApp?

It’s no question that WhatsApp has gained immense popularity worldwide due to its unique features and polished interface. It’s common knowledge that WhatsApp is the best messenger app compared to other popular platforms.

The app’s most remarkable features include group messaging, broadcasting, web integration, voice calling, and a clean interface. One of the best parts is choosing a cool WhatsApp group name when chatting with multiple people! Among all its features, WhatsApp group chatting is one of the most popular.

Moreover, people prefer to chat in WhatsApp groups because it enables people to have centralized discussions. Once you know who you want to add to a group chat, there’s one more important thing to do. But, what’s still missing? Of course, it’s the group name! Imagine your group without a name! A group without a name doesn’t look complete, and it can easily get lost among your other messages.

A name for your group chat makes a group unique. I have compiled a giant list of the cool WhatsApp group names for any category (friends, family, colleagues, etc.). Here is a massive collection of WhatsApp group names for any group you create!

cool whatsapp group names

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In this list, you’re going to find some great group chat name ideas for any type of group you may have. Check it out!

WhatsApp Group Names For Friends

Friendship is one of the most precious gifts in life. A person who has real friends is fortunate, as company makes life manageable and, ultimately, complete. You can share your views, happiness, sad moments, or feelings with a friend who will stand by you through thick and thin. Here are the best creative WhatsApp Group Names for Friends.

We Talk A Lot

Maniac Messengers

Chatter Box

Toxic Texting

Non-Stop Notifications

Silence Isn’t Golden Here

Walky Talky

Type Till You Ripe

Rumor Mongers

We Tie Until We Die

Talk to Mock

Non-Stop Pings

My Amigos

Nonsense group

Enter at your own risk


Time Wasters

The Forwarders

Group Names For Childhood Friends

Childhood friends are people who have stuck with us since day one—almost literally! The bond you forge with childhood is like no other. Here are a couple of ideas for a group chat made up of members from your OG friend group:

Chatting Till I Die

Best School Friends

Nadaan Parindey

Friends Forever

Pencil Chors

The Aawaraa Group

Langoti Friends

Buddies In Crime

The Untouchables

Royal Benchers

Group Names For School Friends

If you’re in a group chat with your friends from school, chances are you share a lot of specific memories! It can be a cool idea to incorporate where you met into your WhatsApp group chat name. Why not embrace how your friendships started? Check them out:

Crazy Buddies

WhatsApp Dosti Adda

School Ke Patte

Master Minds

Langotia Dost Yaar

Chichore Dost

WhatsApp Bachpan Ka Adda

Wonders of world


Crazy Yaari

Lovely Friends

Bichde Yaar

Nawabon Ka Adda

Yaaron Ka ChabutraLangotia Dost Yaar

Crazy Gang



Chalte Chalte

Text Masters

Rang De Basanti Group

Group Names For Family Members

It’s a must to maintain a group chat with your entire family. Family is the one thing that should stay healthy no matter what. So, it’s only right that you choose a good group chat name for your loved ones! Here are some ideas that the whole family might like to be a part of:

 Fantastic Family

Devil’s Home

Peanut Family

We are Family

Strong Ties

Kahani Ghar Ghai Ki

The Family Gang

Kamino Ka Adda

The Adams Family

Mad House

Crazy Family

Happy House

Family Ties

Rocking Family

Group Names For Siblings

Now, even if you have a group chat with your entire family members, siblings share a special bond. Sometimes, you share secret ideas or memories with your siblings that your parents shouldn’t know about. Here are some names for a special sibling group chat:

People World

We All Are One

My family

Family Ho Toh Aisi

People Of My Life

Best Group For Sharing Feelings

The Public Square

Rakhi Group

ABC Family

Yes, We are family

My Dear Sisters

Good Times

My Blood Share

WhatsApp Connection

Family Club

Best Group Names For Cousins

Who doesn’t love having a good relationship with cousins! This group chat goes a step beyond siblings, as it involves everyone in the same age group! Even better, you might have grown up near each other, so you’ll want a group chats to stay in close touch. Check out these name ideas:

Colonial Cousins

Cousin Love

Dear ones

Near ones

Cute Cousins

Just chat

The Broody Bunch

Weekend kings

Across Borders

Happiness All Around

World of Cousins

Cursing Cousins

Family Gang

Cousins World

Chat With Cousins

Cousins Ka Adda

Weekend Boosters

What’s Up Cuz?

The Grub Club

Cousin’s Dominion

Kin of Good Times

Cool Group Names For Ladies

If you have an awesome girl group, maybe from school or childhood, you should have a group chat to talk about things specific to your lives. Sometimes, a group chat has to be ‘No Boys Allowed!’ Here are some great WhatsApp name ideas for your girl squad:

Queen Bees

Gossip Geese

Heart Catchers

Queens Lounge

Gossips launch

Beauty in Grace

Just Bold Ladies

Fantastic 4

Gossip Queens

Power Puff Girls

WOW – Women of Wisdom

Focus Fairies

Ladies WhatsApp Group

Don’t Underestimate Us

The Public Square

Group Names for Sisters

Sisters share a special relationship, and it’s only natural that they have a group chat just for them. If you grow up with sisters, you’re sure to create magical memories and forge neverending bonds. Check out these names for sister group chats:

Focus Fairies

Freedom Flowers

Queens Lounge

Staunch Ladies

Ding dong Bubbles

Connecting Souls

Princess Room

Classical Clever

Music Maids

Naughty Professors

Hardship Gals

Panic Planners

WhatsApp Group Names for Colleagues

It’s essential to have a chat full of the people you work with. After all, if you’re stuck on a project, want to vent about a particular task, or even want to go out for drinks after work, make a group chat with an enticing name! Here are name ideas for colleague group chats:



Guns and Roses

Flower and Thorns

Country Club




Big Boss

Tough Survivors




Group Names For Friends in Hindi

Here are some group chat names for if all the members of your chat prefer to speak in Hindi:

यारी दोस्ती

पुरानी यादें

कठिन बचे



चिचोरे दोस्त


बचपन के दोस्त

बचपन के साथी

अपने दोस्त भाई

बिछडे मित्र

वो बचपन के दिन

यारों के यार



कॉलेज के यार लोग

WhatsApp Group Names Ideas & Suggestions

Your organization or company: Quora, Google, Sony
Names of everyone in the group: TomJerryKristaSharonChloeTimJosh
Symbols and emojis: <3, @[email protected]
Age-related: Dirty 30s, quarter-life crisis, 20s and lovin’ it
Nicknames: Cool gals, rock n’ rollers
Common interest: crazy cat ladies, beatbox boys, dancing queens, fried chicken frenzy, selfie addicts, warrior fans
A mashup of everyone’s name: Amie (Amy, Emily, and Suzie)
Family chat: Co chat, Williams chat, the Addams family
Shared location: SF, NY, Taipei
Event name: NYE 2015, Europe!, Wedding
Lyrics to everyone’s favorite song: A Whole New World

These are the best cool WhatsApp group names for any group chat you may have. These group names are different and unique, too. If you know any cool or innovative WhatsApp group names, let us know in the comments below. The best group names will be chosen from all the comments and added to this list in the next update.

Happy chatting!



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