6 Telegram Features that WhatsApp Does Not Have

whatsapp vs telegram
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WhatsApp has millions of users worldwide and is the ultimate instant messaging app, but it does not mean that it’s necessarily the best.

There are many competitors that are constantly chasing after WhatsApp, some of which have better features than WhatsApp. That’s the case with Telegram.  

It is true that WhatsApp has not only copied Snapchat, from whom it has borrowed many of its functions, but also many Telegram features. Just a couple of years ago, WhatsApp did not allow sending GIFS and did not protect the conversations as it does in today’s times.

And so, with that in mind, we’re going to review the 6 Telegram features that WhatsApp does not have. Stay tuned. A lot of these you probably didn’t know before!

The six differences are mentioned as follows.

1. Multiple Platform

The first difference between Telegram and WhatsApp is the platforms that both apps support. Let us see how many devices they support independently.

Telegram: Telegram users can operate or use their app on several mobiles, tablets, and on the computer or laptop. Tablet supports all kinds of devices, which can be great if you want to sync them or use just one. It’s always great when an app can be used on any device you might have.

WhatsApp: Whereas WhatsApp can only be used on the mobile phone, and recently it started supporting tablet devices. So, if you have an iPad or other kind of tablet device, you should be all set to use WhatsApp. However, if you’re on your computer, you might be out of luck.

2. Web Version

The second major feature is the web version. Let us see how good it is to use both apps on the web browser. Each app’s performance on web browsers can make a huge difference if you’re trying to send messages to your friends through your computer.

Telegram: It supports independent versions of both browser and mobile. There is no need to use your mobile to use Telegram on your web browser. Isn’t it easy to use like this? We can use the app on our computer when our mobile is far away or in charging mode. Perfect for when you’re traveling, working, or just prefer using your computer.

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WhatsApp: Whereas WhatsApp also has its web version where users can use it online. However, it has a big but to connect to the web version on your computer or laptop, you need to do it through your mobile, and it is a must that your mobile should be near you while using WhatsApp in a web browser. Isn’t it difficult to use like this?

3. Data Consumption

The third major difference is data consumption. Find out how much MB or GB is used by Telegram and WhatsApp apps. You can see in the image below that Whatsapp uses a LOT more data than Telegram, about twice as much!

Image Explanation: 

The total app consumption is expressed in megabytes and expresses the amount of data traffic consumed for one hour of application usage. Hopefully, with these metrics in mind, you can see the immense difference between how much Whatsapp is really using in your phone background. Not even to mention how much it’s using while you’re on the app! With those numbers, it’s no wonder your storage can get so high, so fast.

Telegram: According to a study, Telegram spends almost half of WhatsApp data. To prove it, the research team compared the different instant messaging apps by sending the same amount of messages and measuring data consumption in one hour.

WhatsApp: According to a study, WhatsApp consumes more data than the Telegram app. This can be detrimental if performance speed is very important to you while sending messages back and forth. We know it is to us!

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The result was clear: Telegram won by difference, followed by WhatsApp. Skype and Facebook Messenger were the worst stops since the data consumption was triggered when using these applications.

4. Participants in groups

These days groups are becoming very popular. Not only family groups but also many of them were creating groups for their website service, Education based, or Tech related. This would be a good news for the people who want to run big groups.

Telegram: In the Telegram app, you can raise up to 5000 participants in a group.

WhatsApp: While WhatsApp allows groups of 256 people, Telegram raises up to 5,000 participants.

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5. Payments in the App

Sending payments through our bank accounts is an official method. But, if we have a choice of sending payments through our chatting applications. Awesome, isn’t it? Find out which supports sending payments online while chatting.

Telegram: It allows you to send money through the app, a function that already allows other applications such as Facebook Messenger.

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WhatsApp: WhatsApp is still working on it, although at the moment, it is unknown when it will integrate it. So, it will probably be worth the wait since they’re putting a good amount of time and effort into this. 

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6. Privacy of Chats

The major issue is privacy and security. I hope you will be 100% satisfied with these Apps security measures.

Telegram: The Telegram goes a step further as it allows you to create secret chats that are destroyed by themselves. In addition, the app alerts you if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation. Amazing, isn’t it? I think this is the main point that everyone is looking for.

It is not necessary to give the telephone number either. If you want to message someone but you do not have your phone with you to enter the number at that time, you can just search by their username and start the conversation with them. I think this is also one of the best features of the Telegram app.

WhatsApp: The WhatsApp end to end encryption ensures that only the sender and receiver can read the conversations without remaining stored on any service company. This can help immensely if you want to keep your personal messages and data private from potential onlookers.

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Here is a simple video tutorial to enable WhatsApp Two-Step verification.

These are the 6 main differences between Telegram and WhatsApp. I hope you can take away some good information regarding the privacy, the limit of the group members, payments through apps, etc. After knowing all these differences, what do you think about these two apps? It probably puts them into perspective a bit, if nothing else!

If you have experienced any more differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, let us know in the below comments. We will include it in our article in the next update. We also love to hear about any experiences you guys have had while exploring the differences we detail here. Let us know if there’s anything we missed or should put in!

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Which app do you prefer to use for chatting, Telegram, WhatsApp, or others?

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