Why Is It Important to Fund the Arts

Why Is It Important to Fund the Arts

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Arts bring us enjoyment, help express our creativity, and guide us in living our lives.

Why Is It Important to Fund the Arts

Yet even with these facts, many believe that arts subjects are not as important as other disciplines taught at school, claiming they aren’t practical. But is this true?

Why Are Arts a Critical Part of the Educational Process

According to historical evidence, people started to paint 17,000 years ago. However, there is no proof that art didn’t exist even before that. Art is an expression of skills through creativity and imagination.

It’s a collection of various activities through which humans share their emotions, intuition, thoughts, desires, and ideas. At the very core, art is the way we demonstrate our inner world to others.

This is why teaching arts is an integral part of school curriculums.

Art in Modern Schools

Art will always be a part of every person’s life, one way or another. From an early age, art helped you build up your social skills, memorize dance steps, create paintings, participate in drama class.

Through the arts disciplines, students develop intellectual skills that they use to interpret and analyze actions and situations. Arts make the concept of a particular event or topic easier to comprehend.

Schools encourage social interaction, and arts subjects are making communication richer and more empathic. It also enables students to discover different cultures, as every society has its unique take on arts and encompasses music, visuals, dance, ritual, and language.

Why Do Arts Need Funding in an Educational Environment

Based on research, here are more reasons why the arts should be funded appropriately:

  • For students to excel academically. To balance the stress of sciences, students can focus on the creative process and connect with others, as arts emphasize social interactions.
  • For humans to be more in tune with themselves. To properly care for other people, someone must learn how to care for themselves first. Arts provide a bridge for people to learn more about their feelings and teach empathy.
  • For people to be able to express themselves. No man is an island, and humans live interacting with other people. Failure to connect with fellow citizens can be detrimental not only to their academic standing but more so to their mental and physical health.
  • To encourage emotional well-being. Arts stimulate the mind and promote engagement and perception.
  • To support cognitive development. Arts improve writing, reading, and even language skills.
  • In order to upgrade attitude and behaviors, such as motivation and self-discipline.
  • For the sake of boosting positive social activities through collaborations and event participation.
  • For the purposes of nurturing the knowledge of history in students.

After discussing why the arts play an important role in our lives and society, it’s important to note that a lack of art studies would create a gap in individuality development and cut some of the possibilities for students to express themselves.

Many people use art as their medium to share their thoughts and emotions, even if it means spending money on tools and equipment.

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