How to Use Review Widgets to Drive SEO Performance

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A reviews widget is a feature that you can use to boost SEO performance on your website. These types of widgets can be incorporated into your website design to replace an existing testimonials widget, which displays reviews left on your site by both users and third parties.

How to Use Review Widgets to Drive SEO Performance

The reviews widget can also display your responses to a customer’s feedback, serving as a powerful tool for showing off your customer service.

3 Reasons Why You Should Add a Reviews Widget to Your Website

 1.Customers’ Ratings and Comments

Testimonials can give you a marketing advantage. Your website gains more credibility and social proof from 4th party reviews, like those from Google and Facebook.

2. Google Favors Websites That Use Reviews.

Responses to reviews are confirmed to play a role in SEO by Google. As Google puts it: ‘responding to reviews lets your customers know that you value their opinion about your business.’

3. You Can Provide Visitors with Quick Access to Customer Reviews

Increase sales potential by embedding a Google reviews widget on your website.

How to Use Review Widgets on Your Own Website

Now, on to the tricky part — how to use widgets properly to drive SEO and improve your overall performance? Well, we have a few insightful tips that you can utilize to help you make the most of the review widget on your website.

In this section of our guide, we’re going to offer advice on what type of widget you should use when to use it, and what SEO methods work best.

Did you know that 64% of customers look up a business using Google reviews before choosing to use its services or buy products? And other customer review widgets have the same power. So, if you’re questioning whether to use this type of widget on your own website, it’s a total no-brainer!

Which Customer Review Widget Should I Use?

Different widgets tend to offer different features. These range from the way it is placed on your website inclusive of its design, to how it allows a customer to leave their feedback, it’s a good idea to look at the different options you have.

Feefo Reviews

The Feefo review widget is one of the best out there if you’re looking to understand customer feedback efficiently. There are many different designs that you can choose from, including slide-out tabs, carousels, pop-ups, and others.

Depending on how your website is laid out, you can implement the specific design you want and use it as part of your SEO efforts. Feefo review widgets come with many pros, including giving you the ability to respond to customer reviews quickly, access to analytics, customizable response requests, and more.

Google reviews

Google review widgets are widely used across all types of sites, spanning various industries. Google will favor your website for using their widget and naturally boost your rankings as a result. This is great for SEO as it will expose your website to more potential customers. With social proof and authenticity, you can demonstrate to old and new consumers alike that you are a genuine brand that values its customers.

Loox Reviews

Loox reviews is a great asset for just about any e-commerce website since it allows you to collate customer reviews via email. You can personalize customer review experiences and encourage customers to leave reviews by providing discounts as an incentive too.

There are plenty of opportunities for upselling when you use this particular widget, and the widget will act as proactive SEO.

Reviews Widgets Will Boost SEO

If you don’t already use review widgets as part of your SEO efforts, it’s time to start. Once you have implemented review widgets as part of your SEO strategy, you will begin to reap the benefits.

From building consumer trust to driving conversions, there are many ways in which such widgets add value to your website and boost your brand’s credibility. If this sounds like something that your online business could benefit from, read on!

Is It Easy to Use Review Widgets?

It is extremely easy to add a review website to an existing website. Likewise, it is as simple to incorporate a review widget into a new website design too. Review widgets should be used equally by website owners and customers to interact.

From leaving reviews of positive experiences to responding to a consumer who is not happy with a product or service, there are many ways widgets can benefit your company. Embedding a widget is a straightforward job for anybody that has basic website designing skills.

If you are still stuck, you will likely need the help of a website developer; however, it will be worth it in the long run….so get wind getting!


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