Errors Found in Windows 10 in Technical Preview 2

Errors Found in Windows 10 in Technical Preview 2

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As we all know Microsoft released Windows 10 and it is very trending among everyone. Everyone is very excited and curious about the Features and Applications of Windows 10. But, there few errors are out in Technical Preview 2. Take a look forward.

Although Windows 10 still does not appear on the market officially. Microsoft, as usual, has made ​​availability of preliminary version for all users worldwide. This platform is called Windows 10 Technical Preview and appeared four months ago. While the second version is planned to go next week .

And if you are one of those users risky to install software testing, you want to see what’s new in Windows 10. If you are curious to know about the Windows 10 OS we have just published a list of all the errors that have Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 for warning surprises among those who can identify a problem that can not live in the future.

Failures recognized by Microsoft are:

  • You may receive an unwanted selection menu operating system when we turn on the PC before loading Windows.
  • Xbox LIVE games that require a login will not open well.
  • The battery charging icon on the lock screen is displayed without load.
  • Grids start menu show names truncated applications.
  • The Remote Desktop (Remote Desktop) program has some graphics problems.
  • Devices connected to the PC using the Connected Standby function (like the Surface Pro 3) may have less battery life.
  • Reminders at Cortana not be edited after created, while complex reminders could not be created at all.
  • The music application disappears when minimized for more than 16 seconds, but not when it is in the background.
  • Sometimes, the start menu does not load.

Can you live with these errors? Then we must wait for the Windows 10 release in next week and the free download can be done by visiting the official website of Microsoft.