Top 10 Major Reasons Why MacOS is better than Windows

Why Mac is better than the Windows
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Are you going to buy a new laptop or PC?

The answer is probably YES< that’s why you’re on this webpage – and that begs the next question: Which one is better Mac or PC.  And why?

My choice, as you can probably tell from the title of this article, is that my preference is Mac. And let me explain why I prefer Mac to PC.

But before we go into details, I came across this very useful short youtube video. Watch the first 60-seconds, and then continue reading.

Now, let’s get it started! Please read it thoroughly to know the reasons.


Although Apple computers have become popular in recent years and are becoming more common, the fact is that Windows continues to be the absolute leader and indisputable in the global market of operating systems for desktops and laptops.

According to Net Market Share data, last November, Windows topped the ranking with a market share of 88.39%, followed by an enormous disparity by macOS with 9.05%, and Linux in third place with 2.21%.

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Leaving aside the figures, it is clear that Mac computers also have a disadvantage when it comes to the reasons people use desktops.

Have you ever wondered why people decide to buy a Mac?

What are the advantages of a PC with the Microsoft OS?

In what aspects is it better, and in which is it worse?

So, here’s why you should prefer Macs over Windows computers.

The same company manufactures hardware and software

Microsoft is responsible for developing the operating system for Windows computers; Mac is an Apple product, which produces both hardware and software.

This translates into an optimal combination of both sides. The operating system is developed especially for equipment on Windows, while Mac manufactures equipment with the operating system in mind.

Bearing in mind that it is the same company that carries out the whole process and supervises both the production of hardware and software, the result is a product with an unbeatable finish where care is taken to the smallest detail, something that the user notices from that takes the computer out of the box.

The same thing happens if we compare Android mobile phones to the iPhone. The former operating system has to adapt to countless models and manufacturers. Apple specially creates its devices to run iOS, which guarantees better functioning and greater fluency.

Mac has a more attractive design

Another reason why Mac is better than Windows is that it has a more attractive design, better materials, and sleeker finishes. We agree that appearance is not everything, but it is another point that we have in mind when choosing one device or another.

If we value hardware equally between the two OSs’, it is clear we will choose the one with the best design.

In both their desktops and MacBooks, Apple computers are characterized by their sophisticated appearance and materials.

Not surprisingly, Mac’s attractive design is one of the most imitated by other companies. They are always trying to reproduce the clean packaging, matte metallic finishes, or keyboard and trackpad design.

macOS is more intuitive and easy to use


It’s no secret that MacOS is more intuitive and easy to use, which is another reason why Mac is better than Windows. You can start using your computer right out of the box: just set up your iCloud account, and you can start working.

By contrast, Windows computers require more extensive configuration and usually come with preinstalled software of little utility that slows down your computer.

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On the other hand, the macOS interface and graphical environment will be intuitive once you get used to the operating system.

It is normal to need a period of adaptation if you come from Windows and have never worked with a Mac. Still, once you do it, everything will be more straightforward: installing and deleting applications, accessing any program from the Dock, locating files and folders with Finder, etc.

With macOS, you are more productive


One of the main reasons why macOS is better than Windows is that you will be more productive. Once you get used to Apple’s operating system, you will love the keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures.

On the other hand, while it is true that Windows also has keyboard shortcuts, in macOS, you have much more at your disposal, and you will learn them very quickly.

Through these quick options, you have control over the operating system’s many functions, such as the Dock, Finder, apps, documents, and more.

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You’ll miss the trackpad’s gestures or the Magic Mouse enormously every time you put your hands on a Windows computer. Thanks to them, you will be able to navigate faster through the Internet, consult documents, and use applications. It will be much faster and easier to move from one application and windows to another.

On the other hand, through Mission Control, you can quickly see all open windows, application thumbnails, and the Dashboard all in one place.

Also, it offers you the option to customize quick keyboard and mouse functions to display the desktop, access Mission Control, return to the windows of the current application, or view the Dashboard.

Mac is more secure than Windows

Security is another of the main reasons to switch to Mac. Although the operating system of Apple computers is not impenetrable, the fact is that macOS gets fewer viruses than Windows.

This does not mean that you won’t get any and can do without a good antivirus program. However, it does expose you to fewer threats than Microsoft OS.

The secret of macOS’ safety resides in its UNIX base. This is where it asks for authorization by entering an administrator password upon installing something or changing the system.

Suppose you try downloading malware on your Mac and provide the administrator password. In that case, it will infect your computer. So, still, make sure to be careful.

Finding and Managing files and Folders is much easier on Mac OS

Most users have a lot of data outside the standard downloads or documents folder. It’s much easier to find this data on macOS than on Windows. Mac users can utilize the Spotlight search feature to easily find any file on the machine. It searches for files everywhere by default. Besides, when you search for something in the Mac computer’s “Finder,” the search option pops up conveniently. It then limits the search to filenames. However, on a windows pc, if you forget to burrow down into the search settings to add your data folders to the default searchable document folder, windows can’t find anything. 

Moreover, Mac operating system makes it very convenient to work with files and drives. You can manage photos, add tags, and read metadata and markups without opening a separate app. You can also set the Finder to show connected drives, hard drives, or other locations on the desktop. This makes it even easier to view, edit, and manage the files/drives. On Windows, you have to open a new explorer window or tap on the Taskbar to perform the same functions. You can easily make a file’s copy on a Mac machine by choosing Duplicate from the popup menu (or just press cmd-D). Conversely, you have to Ctrl+C to copy a file and then Ctrl+V to paste if you want to do the same thing easily. 

The NeXT kind of Apps

The macOS has evolved from a mere OS Steve Jobs devised for the NeXT computers. Sure, it became a failure as a business, but the NeXT OS, after some years of fine-tuning, became OSX or the macOS. One of the many innovations that helped differentiate OSX from Windows was the “Applications bundle.” Apps bundle is a special kind of folder that contains everything an app may need for proper function. It allows you to group together all the relevant files as a conceptually single application – not as a folder. Examples of macOS bundles that contain some executable code are apps, frameworks, and plugins. Usually, these bundles contain only files representing executable code (.exe in windows) and helpful resources (like images, templates, sounds, etc.). 

Therefore, unlike Windows and Linux (to some extent), you can have a single folder for all your apps. You can also just drag any app from one place to another without re-installing it.

Too many PCs to choose from 

While it may sound like a bad thing, sometimes, less is more. Apple ecosystem offers five different types of computers. They come in various specifications and build-to-order options like Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. You can choose any mac suitable for your preferences, budget, and power requirements. 

On the other hand, windows PCs don’t come from a single manufacturer. There are over a dozen popular windows PC manufacturers in the market. Each of them has hundreds of options with various specifications and budget ranges. But, none of them have a single vision to guide them like macOS. This makes the selection of a particular windows machine for your needs as hard as finding a needle in the haystack.

It’s interesting to note that mac OS has just a 9.54% market share (according to Windows occupies a massive 87.56% of the entire market share, while 2.35% of the computers use Linux. Still, Apple is among the top 5 computer manufacturers in the United States. It’s the number four computer vendor with 2.8 million mac computers sold in 2022. 

The Software Gap between Windows and Mac versions 

The software gap between windows and mac versions is just too much. Mac OS software is almost always better than their Windows counterparts. In fact, most software companies make and update their macOS versions first (We are looking at you, GoPro!). Not just that, mac versions also work much better than their Windows versions in terms of performance. In fact, there are some programs that you don’t even get in the windows version. For instance, Carbon Copy Cloner, one of the best copy cloners today, is unavailable for windows machines. Sure, you can always go for the alternatives, but most of them suck, really. 

Even when the apps are available for both platforms, the Windows versions are almost always glitchy and buggier. For example, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite is a pain to handle on Windows, while it works like a charm on macOS. Basic functions like double finger scrolling via a timeline in Adobe Premier software are completely and thoroughly a struggle. Likewise, exporting videos is also problematic. Because there are tens of different chipsets for CPUs and GPUs, Adobe Premier cannot keep up and support them all. The list is endless. Worse of all, if you try to search for solutions online, you cannot do so because very few people have the same setup as yours. These are just some of the issues we pointed out for content creators. 

Better Customer Support

Now, this is as obvious as the sun on a sunny day: Apple has one of the best customer support. There are various support and service options to use if anything goes sideways with a macOS computer. Apple consistently ranks as the best customer support among computer manufacturers. In fact, most of their products come with 90 days of complimentary call support and a one-year manufacturer warranty. You can call them via phone, contact them via online tools or get help from the Apple retail stores all over the world. Besides, there are also a number of Apple authorized service providers who are always ready to help with your issues. With other manufacturers, you don’t always get the same customer support level from Apple.

These are the 5 reasons why we believe Mac is better than Windows. If you have any other queries regarding Mac or Windows, let us know in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is your choice, Mac or Windows?


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