Ask Me Anything Related to Adsense and Blogging, I will be Giving a Response with In-depth Article

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Google Adsense is a primary revenue model for most Bloggers. As you all know it’s been, quite a few years since I started Blogging and Adsense is an area of my expertise.

Giving a Response with In-depth Article Related to Adsense and Blogging

Currently, am holding a premium AdSense account with dedicated support from the Adsense team which not many publishers get. Premium Adsense is no special, but you will be allowed to use more than 3 ads per page with a special agreement, and you will also have dedicated support via Phone call or email. With the expertise I have acquired in the past few years, Imran Uddin and I decided to start a series of videos where we will be helping out Bloggers and Internet Marketers solving their questions via video responses.
I wrote many articles, like how to get Adsense approval, converting the hosting network to the normal account, protecting AdSense account from banning, etc. But, still, there are lots of questions raised by many people that need to be answered. So, I am about to launch a video series on Alltop9 where I will be personally dealing with Google AdSense tips, tricks, optimisation, Generating income, etc. I will be answering all your queries through videos and with in-depth articles on All you need to do is send your queries about AdSense, Blogging or anything to my Mail ID. For more details check out the below video.

So, If you have any questions related to blogging or AdSense mail me to [email protected].

Thank you!
Happy Blogging.