Google AdSense is Banned only with These Reasons

Google AdSense is Banned only with These Reasons

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Getting AdSense approval is one big task for all the bloggers and keeping an AdSense account for long terms is another big deal to all of us.

Reasons Behind AdSense Account Ban

So, by analyzing an immense number of accounts with issues I have few strong reasons for Google Adsense account ban.


Clicking the ads on your own site

If you click on the ads that are places in your own site, then it’s done with AdSense. Definitely it leads to ban of AdSense account. Never click on your own ads.

How to Avoid this?

Use Ad-Block for your site especially when you are editing nor reviewing your site. Make sure with this. 1 or 2 times AdSense will give you a chance and sometimes it may not happen. So, better be careful with this.

Making users or friends to click ads on your sites

This is the silly thing that is done by each and every blogger in their starting stage or still. If you encourage your friends to click ads on your sites then that will be a big harm to you. Because there is also a few strategies for Google. Google can identify either the clicks are genuine or fake. May be for few times you may not get banned, but if you continue to do this, then your payment may stop at any time. So, be careful with this.

How to Avoid this?

If you want genuine clicks on your ads, then suggest your site for your friends to read content and if they really want to know about any Ad then they will click on your ads. Instead of saying to click on ads, suggest good articles related to new technology, which are more interested. In this way you can get traffic, Ad clicks and make audience to get addicted to your site.

Keeping Ads in Illegal, Adult content, Live streaming sites

Never place ads in websites containing illegal products, Adult containing and mainly in Live streaming. In such cases there may be AdSense ban or Domain ban. So, be careful with these things and if you want to give a try then that is up to you. To my and my friends experience we have faced such things more.

How to Avoid this?

Not placing ads in such blogs is the best thing for this.

Using bots or automatic machines for clicks

There are some bots and automatic machines where some black hat people use for making automatic clicks by setting a time. So, never go greedy for money and do such things.

How to Avoid this?

Never use bots for AdSense clicks. There are many White hat things to get AdSense clicks like High traffic, Popularity, etc. Never degrade yourself.

Placing Ads in wrong places and making users to Click on particular place or making Accidental clicks

Placing Ads in wrong places, overlapping of menu bar and Ads, and many more. So, avoid wrong monetization of Ads. Do perfect monetization for more clicks and results in good income.

How to Avoid this?

Learn about the Ads placement and place in correct places which suits to your website.

Manipulating ads and Embedding Ads in Applications

Developers are creating tools and embedding ads in that particular applications. So, whenever a user use that tool, they embedded the script like the click is done on the Ad. This will definitely leads to ban.

How to Avoid this?

Never use such tools or applications in your site.

Using scripts to make clicks on ads or Embedding scripts into the sites

Creating a scripts and embedding into sites. Clearly it mean that, whenever a user comes to the site and where ever an user clicks on the site, the click is done on the AdSense Ads. In this way the script is designed and used by many of the blogs.

How to Avoid this?

Don’t use such scripts in your sites.

Violating Web-master guidelines or Deceptive Ad placement

Webmaster Guidelines is broken up into three parts: design and content, technical, and quality. Following these best practices will not only help Google find, index, and rank your site, but these guidelines will also serve to expand your business and attract more visitors by creating sites with unique and valuable content.
Encouraging invalid clicks, that is, misleading labels, misleading to click, unnatural attention, deceptive layout: Publishers are not permitted to encourage users to click on Google ads in any way. This includes implementing the ads in a way that they might be mistaken for other website content, such as menu, navigation, or download links.
These are the main reasons and common reasons for the Google AdSense Ban. If you face any difficulty in Google AdSense Account Ban or verification or any other issues related to AdSense. Then let me know in your comments and I will get back to you with a solution.