The Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Tricks

The Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Tricks

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It has been more than two months that the Samsung Galaxy S8 came to the market and is still one of the best mobile phones on the market in all the possible areas.

The Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Tricks Every Samsung User Must Know

We know that it has been a success in sales, and it means that most of the people are using it. Today we are going to reveal the best tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to use it smarter than before.

Samsung has made an effort this year including a much less loaded personalization layer of bloatware but much more functional and with more customization settings than other years and than other manufacturers. This new layer called Samsung Experience has many secrets that we can exploit and squeeze, so we’ll teach you all the possible tricks.


Guide to Squeezing the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the max with these tricks and tips

Here are the Samsung Galaxy S8 tricks to use it in the best way.

Improve the iris scanner and change the interface


Yes, the Galaxy S8 Iris scanner is not perfect, but we can use some tricks to increase its performance. We have already published an article to improve the Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner performance. This trick will allow us to make it work much better in different situations and teach you in which conditions it works best. In addition to this, we will also tell you how to change the interface of the iris scanner, called a mask, to make something more fun unlocking.

Uses the double window or floating window


This is a feature that Samsung has as a default for a long time in its personalization layer. But it was not going so well as expected. Now, as it is natively on Android we have found a spectacular performance. To do this, you have to give the multitasking button and give the button that is highlighted with a red circle. This will allow you to create a floating window with the application that we want. Also, we can give the button to the right and split the screen in two to take advantage of such a large screen. Amazing isn’t it?

Take screenshots smartly


One of the best things that Samsung has are these types of functions that work very comfortable and they work really well. A function as simple as taking a screenshot can be done with a gesture. The gestures are, slide the hand from right to left as you can see in the photo, and will let you make a screenshot. To do so, here are the steps to activate it:

  • Settings
  • Advanced functions
  • Smart Capture

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Change the launcher of the Samsung Galaxy S8


As we taught you long ago, improving the audio of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is very easy with an application made by Samsung and we can find it on Google Play Store. It is made especially for the company’s latest high-end devices that allow us to configure up to 150 different volume variables.

Make the most of the curved display


To do this you need to activate it first. To activate go to Settings, Screen, Edge Screen. The functions of this curved screen will illuminate you when the phone is face down. Also, when you slide your finger on the curved screen inwards, we will get a series of options that we can customise in our own way if we press the adjustments button.

Hide applications and the navigation bar


The navigation bar that houses the Galaxy S8’s Home, Back and Recent buttons have a few tricks up its sleeve, including allowing users to bypass their device’s Lock screen and instantly access the Home screen. 

After activating the Unlock with Home button feature via Settings > Display > Navigation bar, a hard press of the square Home button from the Always On Display will unlock the device (a swiping motion is not required), while a double-tap will pull up the lock screen. The navigation bar’s settings also allow users to customize the Home button’s sensitivity to avoid unwanted presses. 

Users may hide the navigation bar in apps where it does not automatically disappear or fix it to their screen by toggling the Show and Hide button, which appears on the bar’s far left side. The bar’s configuration may also be customised.

Using certain apps and functions may cause the navigation bar to disappear entirely. In those instances, users may navigate back to the Home screen by hard-pressing on the Home button’s usual location and may access the navigation bar by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

These are the best tricks of Samsung Galaxy S8. I hope this article will help you to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile. If you have any queries regarding the above tricks let us know in the below comments. We will get back to you to solve all your questions as soon as possible.

If you know any other tricks, write them in the below comment section and we will include in our article in the next update. If you want to know any other tricks regarding Samsung Galaxy S8, do write us through mail or comment below.

Which tricks do you like most in Samsung Galaxy S8? What else you want to include in Samsung Galaxy S8?