Windows Web Browsers: The Battle for Browser Supremacy

Windows Web Browsers: The Battle for Browser Supremacy

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The internet has become the fundamental use for many of the users owning laptops and desktops in modern time.

While online, you wish to know that your web browser is speedy, reliable, and has a some additional features to make the browsing experience simple and quicker. People often look for the best browser that can help them finish their task with much ease in a faster way.

As we all know, the software giant, Microsoft has released a new operating system called Windows 10 through which the company has made the courageous move of leaving behind its perpetual browser of note, Internet Explorer, and replaced it with a brand new creation called “Edge”.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has come up with a new web browser, Edge, to replace the conventional Internet Explorer. Most of the Windows 10 users who had upgraded their device with the new OS will also get a new default web browser – Edge. But is Edge really be the best web browser than Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera? Whatever the browser might be, the significant trait that every browser must hold is the performance. A web browser needs to be pretty much faster so that the user can get best browsing experience. So, let us check out which is the best web browser that best suits the Windows 10 OS.

We have gone through the popular offerings through their paces to discern which is the best browser for Windows including Microsoft Edge. In addition to the regular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, there are many other bounteous new browsers that bring a new perspective. To spot you the best browsing experience we’ve come up with a list of best browsers for Windows 10 PC users.

Microsoft Edge – Latest Windows 10 Web Browser

Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by the tech giant last year. For the new OS, the company has introduced a new web browser called “Edge”. The Microsoft Edge is developed with most advanced features for annotating web pages, generating a reading list and integrates with Windows Cortana, which is a new digital assistant from Microsoft.

Features of Microsoft Edge

  • The new browser has a screen-wide universal search bar for web addresses and queries.
  • From the browser, you will be able to promptly mark up web pages with different annotations.
  • Edge has highlighting tools that allow you draw shapes using the mouse and stylus on touch-enabled devices.
  • Cortana, new digital assistant of Windows 10 has also been merged into Edge browser.
  • Most of the time, web pages load up quickly without any hassle.

It is very important that the performance of a web browser must be pretty good and the new Microsoft Edge for the Windows 10 shows such performance as it can be considered as the fast web browser for the Windows 10 users. The web browser Edge itself is not a branch or fork of Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge browser is more than just an optimized web browser. The unique feature of Edge is integrating with Cortana which is the Microsoft’s digital assistant and a tough competitor to Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

Best Web Browsers for Windows

Most of the Windows users just need to know if the web browser on their device will work fine with the web pages they use every day. To ascertain just how swiftly and smoothly, Microsoft Edge, and other web browsers, will work on Windows 10, I have compiled a list of the best web browsers for Windows 10 that works pretty well on your device.

1. Google Chrome browser

Battling it out at the peak of the browsing ranks is Google Chrome and it is mostly used for the people who are plugged into the Google ecosystem which is quite solely a pleasure to view. Google Chrome browser offers a cross-platform browsing experience that is primary in terms of syncing data but to the ordinary Windows PC user, it won’t matter that this alternative is available. Google Chrome comes with a wide collection of apps and add-ons from the Chrome Store that add a substantial significance to the browsing experience and the area in which offers excellent performance is that it has high HTML5 loading speed that is at a higher level than any other Windows browser.

Features of Google Chrome Browser

  • Chrome has a clean layout, with a universal address bar at the top, and any new tabs located just above.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, there is a three lines icon where you can find various options including settings, ‘incognito’ private browsing mode.
  • There is a More Tools section that provides you access to the Chrome web store where you can install a wide range of plug-ins, extensions, and themes.
  • Chrome has a plenty of apps available in the store such as Google Docs, Hangouts, and Drive that increases your productivity.
  • Chrome has an effective voice search feature, where saying the words ‘Ok Google’ on the homepage will quickly enable you to deliver your search words.

Google Chrome endures to culminate into an outstanding modern browser experience. With the abundance of apps and features available only being matched by its pace and neat layout, it seems set to be the benchmark for a while to develop.

2. Mozilla Firefox V35 Browser

Mozilla Firefox one of the most popular web browsers on the planet due to its amazing features like add-ons, constant updates and it offers high performance across all platforms. For many people, Firefox was probably the first alternative browser they ever installed, including myself. Currently, Firefox browser ranked globally as the third most popular, after the IE and Chrome. Tabbed browsing is at its core and the add-ons is where Firefox actually comes into its own by endeavoring all sorts of ways to tinker with the browsing experience. One of the abilities that have long been asserted by Firefox admirers is the amount of customizable options which are accessible to the user.

Features of Mozilla Firefox

  • Firefox offers the ability to change default search engines and has a much extensive array of alternatives available that include Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, Youtube, Amazon, and a plenty of anonymous options.
  • It allows you to install themes to change the appearance of the browser, or add a whole host of productivity and security features.
  • Security is kept at an extremely high level and one of the best features is the NoScipt security suite, which only lets Java and Javascript to run on sites you’ve approved personally.
  • It has standard security features such as private browsing, encrypted password storage, Phishing and Malware site warnings  along with the optional Do Not Track, and more advanced Tracking Protection, to prevent ad servers watching your browsing customs.
  • Another best feature is Hello, which is a Skype alternative that lets you video call friends without the need of an account.

We’ve always had a tender spot for Firefox, but preceding versions have failed due to sluggish performance. The last few iterations though have shown vast improvements, and this one, in specific, is quite impressive.

3. Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 was bestowed the most adopted PC browser in the world, driving over from the past incumbent IE8. Till the end of the year 2014, Internet Explorer 11 was the most used web browser for the PC users. Once you launch the browser, you can see a short URL bar at the top left of the screen wherein the web content is provided the huge bulk of space. It is pretty much simple to import your bookmarks from other browsers, such as Google Chrome, just by clicking on the Star icon.

Features of IE 11

  • It has numerous add-ons available that include Flash and Google Maps.
  • Privacy is a burning issue at the moment, and IE11 has some beneficial built-in features to help you continue incognito online.
  • IE11 has a private browsing mode called InPrivate that doesn’t store web history or cookies.
  • Smartscreen is another security feature that analyzes the websites you visit so as to warn you if they feature malware for data. It is a handy feature of this browser.

This is a stripped down version of Internet Explorer which is compact and neat yet it is lagged behind Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox. When compared with other browsers, it is somewhat mid-level in terms of performance, but fair to use none the less.With a few pinches and folds over preceding versions, Internet Explorer is in fine condition now with a precise design, robust performance, and ever enhancing security features.

4. Opera v27 Browser

The current version of Opera looks very modern. Once after opening up the Opera browser, it reveals a clean, inadequate interface with a solitary address bar at the top, open tabs above, and the Opera menu icon in the top left of the corner. This browser is quite customizable with several extensions and themes store that features offerings from Evernote, Pocket, Amazon along with other useful security plug-ins.

Features of Opera v27 Browser

  • It has a speed dial screen that lists your most often visited sites.
  • Opera Turbo is an intriguing concept that is intended to enhance internet performance when you’re on a slow connection by passing the connection over the Opera servers in which pictures and web pages are compressed.
  • Bookmarks can be imported easily from other browsers and you can even share a bookmark folder with friends.

Opera might appear a little like Chrome-lite but the browser is fast, even on sluggish connections as it provides the users to operate the browser in Turbo mode. It has a lot to offer those who prefer not to remain completely in the Google universe.

5. Dooble Web Browser

Dooble is a security-conscious web browser that is powerful but also restrictive. If you’re looking for a web browser that offers much security and privacy, then Dooble is an independent browser which is of exceptional benefit. This browser is highly conscious about security rather than the fastest performance and doesn’t offer the flashiest interface. While most modern browsers provide a private or incognito mode of browsing, Dooble is introduced by default.

Features of Dooble

  • By default, Dooble has a Flash and Javascript disabled so that roaming the web is also a migrant experience.
  • Navigation is speedy, which is the functionality of the web browser and it can be quite impressive.

Dooble’s safety-first approach is praiseworthy, but the version of the web browser you’re able to access is operating to be too embarrassed by this browser for most users.

Final Verdict

You have seen all the best web browsers that are supported on Windows Operating system. The best part about all the above-reviewed browsers is that are all free, and you can obviously use more than one concurrently on your PC or Laptop. So, what’s the best browser among all? Undoubtedly, Chrome is the best browser so far that wins over other 4 browsers. Microsoft has done well to build a new browser, Edge that works smooth on your device comprising of additional features which are genuinely interesting to use. However, there are a few little kinks to be worked out in the performance. The other browser, IE 11 is as common as the browser on your window which is the quiet slowest and least standard of the browsers.
If you have any experiences by using these web browsers. Let us know your feedback in below comments.
Happy Browsing!