Windows 10 Wi-Fi Hotspot

How to Make a Windows 10 Wi-Fi Hotspot: All You Need To Know

Internet connectivity has become one of the essential entities in the current advanced digital world. Everyone wishes to have an internet connection with pretty much high-speed. How to Create Moments on Twitter and get more Followers I have come up with a simple solution that is to have wireless hosted network. In fact, the concept

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recover windows password

5 Easy Ways to Recover Windows Password Without Formatting

Forgot the Windows login password? Maybe you have ever seen yourself in a bind.  You changed the password and when you turn the computer back on, it does not work. You are sure that you are typing the new key correctly but the computer is not unlocked.  And you start to panic.  Tests with the old and

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recover a deleted file

How to Recover a Deleted File on Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8, and Vista

It’s so frustrating when you accidentally delete some files or content absent-mindedly. Maybe you’ve just realized the importance of a deleted file, and you’re searching for a way to get that file back—or at least part of it! Today, I’ll show you a trick to recover a “permanently” deleted file without using any external software.

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windows 10 edition features

12 Differences Between Windows 10 and Prior Versions

Microsoft launched Windows 10 Pro for Workstation, which is the latest edition of their operating system. Windows 10 has many differences between the current and their older versions. The new developments and features of the Windows 10 OS have introduced some things that the average user might want to know about. We’re going to take

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Windows Evolution

The Evolution of Microsoft Windows Through The Years

It’s been over 35 years, since Windows 1.0 was released, and now Microsoft released Windows 10. In today’s article, let us see the evolution of Microsoft Windows 1 to Windows 10. These Windows images will amaze you with the changes. Best Wi-Fi Password Cracker Software for Windows Microsoft Windows’ first operating system was first introduced

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