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Best Remote Jobs to Have During the Pandemic

In early 2020, the world health organization (WHO) announced that a novel coronavirus had been identified and began spreading across the world, causing hundreds of thousands of people to die. Governments quickly begin implementing travel bands and lockdown policies across the world. These policies lead schools, offices, and businesses to temporarily close their doors. The

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The 4 Key Elements That Make up the Perfect DevOps Strategy

If you get DevOps right, it can be a real asset to your organization and the customers it serves. There are a few lynchpin elements that must be factored into every good DevOps strategy, or else it might not deliver the desired results. If you are thinking about putting together your first DevOps strategy, or

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How to Find Drop Shipping Products for Your Ecommerce Business

eCommerce can be an overwhelming world to step into. There are many things to know and adjust in order to be able to make your business successful. This includes finding products that you can sell. When it comes to your business, you certainly don’t want to enlist products that aren’t going to be appealing to

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Top 9 Plagiarism Checkers to Use in 2022

Being students and professional writers, we have to face the term plagiarism in our daily lives. In our academic institutes, we are not allowed to do plagiarized work. Similarly, if we talk about the writing field, bloggers and writers cannot publish plagiarized work. It is considered unethical to use others’ work without their concern. But

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Web Hosting and Site Speed

In order to have a successful business blog or website, the speed at which the page loads must be taken seriously, as this one incredibly important factor can affect a number of crucial aspects of your business or blog. Things that can be influenced include rankings and SEO, bounce rate, the amount of time a

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What Is Automation Testing and How Does It Work

Your software development team has built a software application for you and you want to release it to the market. Due to the vast experience of the software developers, you believe that the application meets all its expectations when it comes to functionality, usability, performance, and security and you do not need to test it.

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How Your Smartphone Can Help You With Studying

The smartphone can be used to play, relax, and work. So, of course, it should come as no surprise that it is also able to help when it comes to studying with a series of applications that seek to simplify an experience that for many are a difficult uphill road. If before we had TV,

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The Complete and Only Laptop Maintenance Guide You’ll Ever Need

Midrange laptops typically last anywhere from three to five years. However, you can often increase the lifespan of your laptop by doing regular laptop maintenance and by taking good care of your laptop. Do you want to learn more about laptop maintenance and other laptop essentials that you need to know? Keep reading this complete

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A Guide to Remote File Servers for Small Businesses

Remote file servers enable applications that run on a client computer to access files stored on another. The remote file and resource access take place using LAN, WAN, or point-to-point link, and it’s installed by a multitude of software components, which range in complexity. If you’re looking to add a remote file server to support

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Technology’s Increasing Importance in Finance

In this amazing time, digital services have become extremely important. The Internet makes it possible to continue working, studying, communicating, and relaxing. In December 2019, few people thought that they couldn’t live without the Internet, but now everyone will agree. But on the other hand, advances in mobile money, fintech services, and internet banking pose

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