4 Different ways to Delete iOS Apps on iPhone and iPad

4 Different ways to Delete iOS Apps on iPhone and iPad

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What’s easier on iOS than deleting an app, right? While we are all used to hold the icon of the app and when the apps shake we click on the X to delete the app. The fact is that there are several ways to remove an iOS app depending on the device you use. The process remains the same but there are many other things you can do when you hold an app pressed.


With the arrival of iOS 11 in September of last year, Apple introduced some changes when performing the action of pressing on an icon. They no longer simply tremble, depending on the iPhone or iPad you can perform different actions.

Different ways to Delete iOS Apps on iPhone and iPad

Here we will see different methods to delete an iOS app on your iPhone and iPad.

Delete an iOS app on the iPad Pro 


From iOS 11 the iPad Pro, although it does not have 3D Touch, by pressing and holding an icon for a second, a kind of widget is activated if the app is compatible. To activate the tremor we must press for a little more time and after this click on X to delete the app.

Delete an app on an iPhone with 3D Touch


The 3D Touch is present on all the iPhone from the 6s and 6s Plus model. Pressing hard on an icon activates and shows us quick actions of that app or its widget. To activate the tremor of the icons instead of pressing hard we have to make a long and light pressure on the icon.

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Delete an iOS app on an iPhone without 3D Touch or iPad

Nothing has changed on older iPhones or all non-Pro iPads. Just hold an icon until it starts to shake and then press X.

Delete an app from iOS Settings

If you do not want to complicate to delete the app differently on each iPhone or iPad do not worry, there is a fourth option for all iOS devices. Go to Settings> General> iPhone / iPad storage. Here you will see a list of all the apps installed on the device, entering in each of them you will find the option to Remove app.

Apart from removing apps, remember that from the latest versions of iOS it is possible to hide some of the apps that come by default installed on the iPhone or iPad. For this, the process is identical to that of deleting a third-party app. It will disappear from the device, but it is actually hidden and not completely erased. On the other hand, if you have little storage it is recommended to activate “Uninstall apps not used”, which automatically removes apps that we do not use when there is little storage, without deleting its content and data.

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I hope this article will help you to delete any app on your iOS devices. If you have any queries let us know in the below comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve all your questions.

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