Researcher finds a way to Delete and Modify Facebook Messages Sent to Other Users

Researcher finds a way to Delete and Modify Facebook Messages Sent to Other Users

Delete and Modify Sent Messages in Facebook: Have you ever grieved on sending a wrong message to a person just in a hurry on Facebook Messenger? Or you ever daydreamed of having a way to modify your sent messages? Indeed simply, what if Facebook lets you delete the messages from the receiver’s end. It would be awesome right..!! Getting rid of all those embarrassing situations that u can’t handle anymore. If you have been plotting about a possible way to remove the messages you have sent, researchers have come to your aid, saying that it is indeed possible.

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A simple misconfiguration issue in the Facebook messenger lets you modify and delete messages sent to others.

Recently the researchers have shown that how you can modify or change the messages after you have hit the Send button in Facebook Messenger. According to Roman Zaikin, a cyber security researcher from Check Point shared that a simple HTML tweak can be used to exploit Facebook messenger, potentially allowing anyone to modify or delete messages, photos, files, and links from the target’s Facebook account.

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The issue stems from the way how Facebook assigns identities to chat messages. Every chat message in Facebook Messenger has a unique “message_id” identifier that could be obtained by sending a request to, the attacker exploits this. And now the Attacker can send a modified message using the same MESSAGE_ ID, thereby replacing the previous message. Facebook would then consider the new message as legitimate and remove the original message content.

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Though it is a simple bug, it could be exploited to send malicious links that could then lead to malware installation on the victim’s devices.

Watch Video here:

A Proof-of-concept (PoC) video was released by researchers demonstrating the Facebook Messenger vulnerability, which can be viewed below:

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“By exploiting this vulnerability, cyber criminals could change a whole chat- thread without the victim realizing,” said Oded Vanunu, Head of Products Vulnerability Research at Check Point.

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The security research firm also claims that the flaw affected both the web and mobile versions of the messaging application. However, Facebook has said that it only impacted on the Android app of Facebook Messenger and that the “message duplication” can only be adjusted by the person who sent the message, but not someone else’s.




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Researchers discovered the vulnerability earlier this month and reported it in Big Bounty Program that was organized by Facebook. And the social networking giant has already fixed the issue saying that “Based on our investigation, this simple misconfiguration in the Messenger app on Android turned out to be a low-risk issue and it’s already been fixed,” Facebook stated.

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Additionally, Facebook claims that the vulnerability could not be exploited to infect its users’ PCs with malicious software, as the company is using antimalware and anti-spam filters to detect malware and spams.

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This is all about the Facebook bug which allows you to delete and modify the sent messages. If you have any experiences with such hacks, let us know in the below comments.


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