You Might Need an Online Graph Maker for These 8 Purposes

You Might Need an Online Graph Maker for These 8 Purposes

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If you are looking for an online graph maker, then don’t worry. There are plenty of free tools available on the internet for different types of graphs that can help you create your desired infographic in a flash.

Here’s a list of 8 important purposes where online graphing is highly beneficial.

1) Graphing Functions

If you are enrolled in secondary school, then there is a high probability that you will be studying functions in math. Functions are equations that have the input-output relationship defined.  For instance, when x is inputted into the function of f(x)=2x+3, then the output value would be 5.

So if you want to study this subject, you’ll need to learn how to plot these functions onto a graph.  You can accomplish this by making use of an online graphing calculator which allows you to create the graphs based on your inputs.

2) Pie Graph Maker

Pie graphs are highly useful if you want to show what percentage of something is allocated for different purposes. For instance, if you want to show that out of 100 students in a classroom,  only 15 students study science, then this can be shown using a pie graph. You can easily create these types of graphs on an online graphing calculator and if you don’t know how to do so, then there are plenty of tutorials available on the web where you can learn.

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3) Bar Graph Maker

Bar graphs are also known as bar charts and are used to show the distribution of something in different categories. For example, if you want to display how many students study science, math, management, etc. subjects in an institution, then you can create a bar graph for this purpose easily with the help of an online bar graph maker.

You can use a bar graph maker and compare the data of two different institutions on this tool. This is helpful, especially if you want to study the difference between how many students enroll for science and management courses in two colleges.  You can also make use of other graphs like line graphs or column graphs as per the purpose.

4) Bubble Graph Maker

Bubble graphs are very similar to pie graphs as they also show the distribution of different things in a category.  The main difference between them is that bubble graphs display the distribution as per their sizes as well. For example, you can plot all students’ heights on this graph and then show how many students are less than 5 feet, more than 6 feet, and between these two numbers on the graph.

So if you want to use this tool for any of your research purposes or educational needs, then just browse through its web page and follow the steps mentioned there.  Additionally, if you happen to encounter any kind of difficulty while using this online graph maker, then you can take help from their active support team which is available around the clock.

5) Line Graph Maker

If you want to find out differences in something over a period of time, then the best option for you would be line graphs. You can even compare different things on this tool and study their progression throughout time.

So if you have been assigned any research project where you have to show changes in data over years, months, or days based on your inputs, then you can use an online line graph maker for the same quite easily.

6) Scatter Graphs

Scatter graphs are also known as scatter plots and are similar to line graphs in terms of purpose. The difference between them is that while a line graph shows data changes over time, a scatter graph mainly focuses on plotting two different numerical values of a variable against each other.

So if you have been asked to provide some information that is of a numerical value, then you can create a scatter graph and present your data with this tool. For instance, if you want to know the difference in height of students studying in two different classes at a specific school. You can plot both their heights on the graph and study their difference.

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7) Column Graphs

If you want to show how complex something is or the complex aspects of something, then you can use column graphs as they are quite useful in such cases. For example, if you want to show different problems present in a software package, then this tool can be helpful as it allows you to plot all such problems vertically and then compare their severity based on a scale.

8) Area Graphs

If you want to show the data of something in terms of its change over time, then you can use area graphs. These are quite similar to line graphs, but the difference is that the area below the line in an area graph represents its value whereas it is just a blank space on a line graph. So if you want to present data in terms of its progression, you can use area graphs.


Now if you want to present your data in any of the above-mentioned ways, then make use of Venngage’s online graph makers as they have been designed for this purpose. All you have to do is just visit their website and follow a few simple steps there. If you happen to face any problem while using these tools, then take help from their active support team which is available around the clock.


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