Pros and Cons of Presentation Templates versus Creating Your Own

Pros and Cons of Presentation Templates versus Creating Your Own

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PowerPoint presentations have held the pillar of business for quite a long time now. Eye-catching slide decks are top-choice for professionals for delivering a sales pitch or presenting a financial review.

Pros and Cons of Presentation Templates versus Creating Your Own

Every corporate or organizational meeting poses incomplete without a stunner slideshow. An engaging slide deck with excellent content and compact structure can go a long way in impressing the audience.

Whether virtual or face-to-face, presentations prove the best companion to showcase your ideas visually. But, with millions of slide decks constructed every day, what does your presentation have to make it one-of-a-kind?

Templates! But, which templates? No, we are not talking about the stock and age-old templates that render your presentation a part of the herd.

Specialized and dedicated slide templates instill a flair of uniqueness into your slides which stands them out from your competitors. Yes, professionally crafted templates are your key to engage and impress your audience. But, they hold their pros and cons.

This article will be your perfect guide in understanding why professional presentation templates are the next big thing for professionals today:

The Trend of Presentation Templates

Statistics say that 91% of the presenters remain poised with a well-designed slide deck. They feel more confident when their presentation is built beautifully by charm exuding from every slide.

But, research exhibits that 45% of presenters face difficulty in designing creative layouts for their presentations.

Thus, business executives and other professionals have started utilizing presentation templates from dedicated template sites. These sites host plenty of wow-worthy templates like Financial templates, Business Templates, SWOT Templates, etc.

Beautiful visuals added with the aesthetic charm of the templates polish the presentation look out of the world.

Gartner reveals that 95% of the audience in meetings admit to multitasking. Thus, it becomes all the more important to design your slide deck with mesmerizing templates that hold and captivate their attention. Let us further find some pros and cons about using templates in a presentation.

Pros of Using Presentation Templates


Research shows that 47% of PPT presenters dedicate over 8 hours to constructing their perfect presentations. Imagine if you had to make a presentation for your boss every day! Without pre-made templates, your work life will only revolve around designing thousands of slide decks in a year.

Thus, specialized and customizable templates prove best to fast-forward the PPT-creating process without compromising the quality.

In a template, pre-designed slides contain ready-made pieces of content laid out neatly. It already consists of a design, be it an image or a chart. All you have to do is edit the slide content as desired.

Easy Customization

Most of the time presenters waste their precious time in placing the slide components manually one by one. Then, any customizations demand changing the whole slide content placement altogether. It leads to not only excessive time consumption but customizing the content is a hassle.

Don’t like the font? Change it. Want to add your brand colors? Change it.

Using templates renders the customization process seamless since you have to edit and add any changes in pre-made templates. It becomes much easier to edit a template than altering the whole structure of the slide.

No Need for Knowledge of Graphic Designing

Are you thinking of learning graphic design for PowerPoint? Well, no need for that! The best feature of templates is that anyone can form striking and appealing presentations with them.

Even if professionals do not possess graphic design experience, they can construct any slideshow with ease with templates.

With templates, you do not need to worry about learning graphic designing professionally. They already incorporate outstanding features that only require your editing if necessary.

Templates hold aesthetically pleasing and spectacular images, data visualizations, GIFs, etc. You can choose to modify them as the presentation demands.

Variety of Templates

Want to deliver an unforgettable pitch deck presentation to your clients? Sites like SlideModel host a multitude of pitch deck templates for startups or businesses to create appealing presentations. You can even explore templates like Inertia PowerPoint Template for perfect project portfolios.

Other than that, there exists a sea of templates for every need. Level up your presentation game by leveraging marketing to strategy and business to growth templates.

Templates provide consistency to your slide imparting a sense of visual style to them. Correct formatting, font, size, and colors combine to make them perfect for every topic.

Smooth Compilation and Collaboration

Sometimes the work necessitates you to compile slides from your peers or different sources into a single presentation.

Thus, it becomes a real struggle to do that if everybody has used diverse slide formats and versions. Templates act as boons here that provide consistency to slides where everyone works in tailored custom templates.

These tailor-made templates also host the merit of easy collaboration. You can easily download and integrate them into software like Google Slides.

It makes collaboration and working with your peers all the easier. This way your colleagues can work with you in real-time in your presentation.

Cons of Presentation Templates

Costs Money

The Internet consists of many sites where plenty of templates are available for free. But, the premium templates with the best features remain often paid.

It can prove costly to individuals or small businesses who do not wish to spend their money on buying templates. The pricing budget of sites offering them might seem quite high to some professionals.

But, purchasing a template should not be considered an expense rather an investment in your future. Branded presentation adds a superior value to your branding strategy that cannot be undermined. It is a recommended long-term investment amplifying the voice of your brand at important meetings.

It becomes imperative to leave a good impression by delivering your presentation to investors, clients, and key stakeholders. It helps you to convey the ideals of your brand successfully.

Thus, integrating your PowerPoint slides with templates ensures consistency with your brand. It will help you to reinforce your branding aesthetics.

If you wish to render your presentation more compelling and enthralling, then go for tailored presentation templates.