Why Do You Need to Buy a Smartwatch?

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The smartwatch which is also called a connected watch or Smartwatch is currently one of the essential accessories in the daily life of many people.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Smartwatch?

Equipped with several functions, smartwatches have become real tools that support us in our various activities.

Sometimes nicknamed “wrist smartphones”, they can be used with your mobile phone. You will no longer need to bring your smartphone everywhere thanks to this accessory.

So, What Are the Reasons for Buying Smartwatches?

Smartwatches are regarded by many people as a whimsical accessory that ultimately serves no purpose.

Indeed, these individuals believe that a smartphone is enough for everyday needs and that a connected watch would be just a way for designers to extract money from people.

However, most of the people who have said this sort of thing has never actually tried smartwatches.

Because these technologies of the future offer real advantages for the daily life of its owner.

They Don’t Just Tell the Time

Usually, the main function of a watch is to tell the time. It can also be a fashion accessory that brings a certain trendy touch to your outfit.

However, today with technological advancements, people need an accessory that can provide them with multiple functions at the same time.

From a practical point of view, therefore, traditional watches have less and less weight since smartphones and their various practical everyday applications have appeared.

Indeed, why use a traditional watch if a phone can tell the time, has a calendar, or an alarm? In recent years, watches have therefore experienced a significant decline in popularity since the advent of smartphones.

Your Travel Partner

More than just a trendy accessory, the best smart watches under 7000 has taken on an even more impressive dimension in recent years to make our daily lives even easier.

This aspect is an essential asset in various situations, especially when traveling. This is particularly the case with the Apple watch which, thanks to applications, can give you directions on your routes.

For example, when you are driving a car, your smartwatch may emit signals that warn you whether you need to turn left or right.

With this kind of gadget, you don’t have to constantly look at your smartphone or GPS for guidance. You can also access real-time land transport information, including public transport or Uber.

For those who often travel by plane, smartwatches can be a real ally, as a virtual assistant to help you in various settings.

Indeed, if a smartphone allows you to make reservations on a flight, to consult these reservations, to alert you in the event of disruptions, or to know the right time to book an Uber, it’s never easy to take it out all the time.

It can happen that you do not want to take your smartphone out in certain places or at certain times; for example, when you are in a queue at an airport security check and you would like to take a quick glance at the boarding gate or when you are traveling in an airport. foreign country, that you are waiting in the parking lot and don’t want to pull out your nice new phone.

With a smartwatch, all those little hassles of your daily life will be gone.

To Find a Phone That’s Hiding

One of the most unpleasant moments you can experience is not finding your phone. It may indeed happen that we cannot find our phone, quite simply because we put it somewhere and we have a little memory gap.

The worst part is that this kind of situation can happen most often when you really need the phone or when you are in a hurry.

With a smartwatch, this kind of little inconvenience can be resolved quickly. Most smartwatches have the “Find a phone” function to find your smartphone.

However, the phone must be on, connected to the watch using Bluetooth, and be close enough that you can hear it.

To do this, all you have to do is use the “find a phone” function and your smartphone will emit a ringing tone to indicate its position. It only takes a few buttons and a few seconds to find a lost phone.

Note that the phone rings even if it is in silent or vibrating mode.

Smartwatches, between Sport and Health

The primary function of many smartwatches is to track your fitness through the activities you perform.

For example, we can enjoy a function such as a pedometer which allows the number of steps to be analyzed on a daily basis.

You can also access information on heart rate speed or calorie loss for activities such as swimming (generally these watches are waterproof), running, walking, or hiking where you can track your fatigue level.

If you are a fan of fitness rooms, these settings are also available for activities such as weight training or the elliptical trainer.

Many other activities can also be associated with the smartwatch, such as yoga or kickboxing. In addition to physical activities, the Smartwatch can also offer various benefits for your health such as recording your sleep cycle according to your heart rate.

So, you can know how long it takes you to get to sleep, know the optimal duration of sleep necessary to be in good shape, or know if your sleep is deep.

The apps on your watch will help you analyze your sleep and give you tips on how to improve it. Several other applications are also available such as menstrual cycle tracking for women in order to calculate the fertile period or predict the next cycles.

There are also food-related features where you have the ability to get a feel for the calories a meal you have taken.

Answer or Review Messages and Calls

The best part about having a smartwatch is that at certain times or in certain places, you no longer have to use your mobile phone, which is a much bulkier accessory.

In this case, you may receive messages and calls at times when the phone would not be appropriate such as during physical activities or when driving a car.

In addition, some watches have voice support. You can therefore chat with your interlocutor thanks to accessories on your wrist.

Obviously, these little technological gadgets cannot replace your smartphone. However, there are times when a watch is more convenient than a phone which can be inconvenient. In addition, all these actions are done on mini-screens compared to the phone and can be more complicated.

Smartwatches are much more efficient and perform better in short-term use.

For Social Networks

For social media enthusiasts, a watch capable of receiving notifications is a real blessing. Indeed, for these individuals, having access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Snapchat would be really very practical.

No need to take out your smartphone, to see notifications, you just have to look at your wrist. Some watches, therefore, offer you the means to display messages or other activities on your social networks.

With other watches, you can even interact with the app. This would be really handy if you are out for a run or are in a place where you can’t take your phone out.

Be Connected during Your Activities

Another big advantage of having a Smartwatch is that you are always connected all the time. So, when you are running, cycling, or swimming, watches can give you the option to check your messages, calls or notifications.

Because in these situations, you cannot take your phone with you, which makes the watch very interesting. If you are for example at the swimming pool, you can consult your messages without having to get out of the water.

Greater Autonomy

The biggest question that arises when it comes to a smartwatch is often, do you really need it when you already have a smartphone?

Indeed, apart from the many applications that help us in our daily life, the smartwatch also allows us to enjoy greater autonomy than a phone. With this kind of watch, you can enjoy a lifespan of up to 10 days with a single full charge.

This feature is very convenient for people who constantly take long trips.

For Your Entertainment

Smartwatches are mainly known for their aptitudes to help us in our daily life, that is to say for the user side.

However, these accessories were also designed to make your life more enjoyable. Imagine on a street, going for a walk or anywhere, and suddenly remembering a video that a friend of yours told you about.

You will be able to access YouTube on your watch in one or two clicks. So, you can watch videos or play music while on the go. Of course, a watch cannot replace the size and quality of your phone’s screen.

But at times, those little moments spent on the small screen can be very useful and entertaining. On some other models, you even have the option to store music and listen to it through wireless Bluetooth headphones.


All of these advantages can be a motivation to buy a smartwatch and thus enjoy an unlikely number of possibilities that can be done on a phone. Of course, these watches will never replace your smartphone, but they can be paired perfectly, to make your life easier.


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