The Story Behind the First Apple logo, Told by Its Own Creator

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As much as we have Apple associated with the apple bite, it has not always been so. In its origins, when the company was only a cluster of ambitions, the logo that represented it was very different from the present one. Neither was simple, nor was modern, nor transmitted what is the company. In fact, all I had in common with the present was an apple. Ron Wayne, co-founder of Apple along with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, has given more details on that first logo, that was created by himself.


The Story Behind the First Apple logo

Mr Wayne is now 83, when he was at Apple he had 10% of the company. At that time that 10% represented around 800 dollars, but Ron decided to sell its part to the other two founders. The question everyone asks, how much would he have now if he had not sold that 10%? Approximately 67 billion dollars. But the only thing Apple has left is that first company logo.


I knew that at the time I was not making a logo for the 20th century, it was a 19th-century logo, but it was fun. Everything we did at the beginning was for fun.

I knew I was in the shadow of giants with these children. I was 20 years older than them. So I made this sketch with pen and ink. I was trying to catch Newton with the apple, that moment when suddenly a great idea is born. Woz and Jobs were part of that group of fans who were taking business computers to personal computers. Woz focused on a design of an ultra simple circuit, Jobs insisted on the word Apple, I made the connection with Newton’s apple.

I was supposedly the adult in a room watching these kids play. I thought it was totally appropriate, it was not a modern logo. A modern logo is, for example, GM (General Motors), it strikes you straight, it is simple. I have fan mail from all over the world. They send me copies of the logo to sign and I do.

A logo that lasted little, but was essential

The logo created by Ron Wayne was used for only one year. It was not serious because it focused more on Newton than on the company itself. In addition to the image of the scientist and the apple tree, we can see the company name and a little phrase in the context: “Newton … a mind always travelling through strange seas of thought … alone” Too Complicated to be a logo, right?


A year later, Steve Jobs asked designer Rob Janoff to redesign that logo into something more modern. Rob Janoff designed the mythical apple bite of the six colours. Neither he nor anyone knew at the time, but he had just created one of the most symbolic and recognisable images of the world. Even so, knowing the story behind the first logo, we will remember it with more affection than any other. Amazing one.

So finally we got to know the story of our beloved Apple logo. I hope this article helps you to increase your knowledge. Share your thoughts on the same in the below comment section.

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