100 Incredible New iOS 11 Features – Apple Pay, Siri & More

100 Incredible New iOS 11 Features – Apple Pay, Siri & More

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At Apple’s WWDC we saw numerous new features such as the presentation of the operating system that will come out in the second half of the year, iOS 11, and other products like its new iPad Pro. Today is the turn to take a look at Apple’s system and see what new features iOS 11 will come with the iPhone 8.

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Apple always tries every year, to revamp its operating system with new features and better performance, but many people have complained that Apple this year has not innovated at all. Today we will see all the functions that will take this new version that will take the i Phone 8 by default.

100 New and Incredible iOS 11 Features

Let’s go step by step by seeing the functions in each section, to really see what has changed. Some functions are small and not very relevant, but it’s the whole “changelog” of Apple’s big update. We have to say that it is a Beta version and we can still get more.

Improvements in connection

  • Updated status bar with signal indicator
  • More information about WiFi signal
  • Use of data according to the operator

Apple Music Improvements

  • Allow creation accounts to connect with other users
  • A new version of AirPlay 2
  • Support for HomePod
  • View the list of other users

More support for other languages

  • English keyboard for Japan
  • Portuguese-English Dictionary
  • Russian-English dictionary
  • Arabic writing system

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New features of HomeKit

  • Better compatibility with HomeKit accessories
  • Better time settings

More functions for iPad

  • New “Drag and Drop” function
  • Best support for the Apple Pencil
  • Best multiple views
  • New dock
  • Flashlight for iPad Pro

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New accessibility features

  • Automatic iPhone setup
  • Support for PDF
  • Zoom with 3D Touch
  • New VoiceOver version
  • More support for editing braille
  • Support for WebRTC
  • New colors design
  • Can record the iPhone or iPad screen

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More security

  • Protection against fraudulent SMS
  • More network tuning for businesses
  • Share WiFi password

Apple Pay Enhancements

  • Sharing money faster
  • More security for stores
  • Transfer from Apple Pay to a bank account

Improvements in Siri

  • Two new voices
  • More fluency when it comes to talking
  • We can write to Siri
  • More jokes included
  • New Music Commands
  • Possibility to translate

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Keyboard enhancements

  • One-handed mode
  • Gestures on the keyboard
  • Autocomplete of passwords

Message application is also renewed

  • Newly refurbished drawer
  • Previous design for business chat
  • Share URLs with 3D touch
  • Invite people to use iMessage
  • Send Money by iMessage

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Improvements to the photo app

  • Looped Live Photos
  • Live Photos with “boomerang”
  • Support for GIFs
  • Live Photos with long exposure support

Improvements for Google Maps

  • New voices
  • Traffic notice in China
  • Zoom with one hand
  • Do not disturb mode when driving
  • Speed Indicator


  • Siri will recommend articles of your interest
  • Change tabs with 3D Touch
  • See the flight statuses
  • Definitions built into Safari
  • Integration to be able to convert distances

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ICloud Improvements

  • Backups on iCloud
  • Plans for iCloud Family
  • Apple Music support
  • Share files with iCloud
  • Access iCloud from the File Browser

Notes application improvements

  • Use the Apple Pencil on the screen and write notes
  • Scanning documents
  • Insert tables in notes

Improvements in the mail application

  • Add lines in between emails
  • Recommendations for your most wanted emails

And even more new iOS 11 Features and Updates …

  • New camera filters
  • The renewed podcast app
  • Can only use location in each app when it is being used
  • New App Store with new design
  • Best notification system
  • A newly redesigned menu
  • Renewed driving notifications
  • Better performance when using Wi-Fi
  • New SOS Emergency Mode
  • Scan QR Codes
  • Burn screen
  • More screen-sharing features
  • NFC support for third-party apps

These are the incredible changes or features that are introduced by Apple Inc. All the changes were really amazing and I am eagerly waiting for the iOS 11 official release.

We will include videos for each and every feature in the upcoming days. You can easily understand all the features with pictures and videos.
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