Best sites to Track Viral Web Trends

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9. TMZ

TMZ is a website mostly publishes about the Hollywood and celebrities gossips. It acts as a best resource to track all the viral web trends about the interesting topics. This website is fastest with juiciest news. Probably TMZ is a best website where you should look first.

8. Mashable

Mashable is a best website that stood as second influential blog on Technorati. It publish mostly about Tech, social media and web culture. This website posts informative content within a time. This website is also stood best in tracking viral web trends.

7. What’s Trending

What’s Trending is also a best website and tracks all the hot topics that are trending around the web. This website tracks all the viral web trends which can be followed as a best source of tracking.

6. The Huffington Post

The Huffington post is undoubtedly a number one website which is very quick at publishing the latest news that trends daily. This website acts as a news resource which is used to track viral web trends. It has a massive response from the users and web presence.

5. Reddit

Reddit is one of the best site to track viral web trends that are happened around the world. Many things that went viral are tracked easily back in Reddit. The most trending content appears on the front page of the Reddit. The trending posts are selected according to the up-votes given by the users on the Reddit.

4. The Viral Video Chart

The Viral Video Chart is most useful website that helps to track viral web trends about videos. This website ranks every video according to sharing in social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. If you think that your time is precious for you, then you can find the trending video on this site easily than searching in Youtube.

3. What the Trend

What the Trend is a website that is used to track why such topics are trending on Twitter. This website acts as a leader board to Twitter trends that is said to be as the front page of the real-time web. The people around the web used to give a clear explanation about why such topics are trending on Twitter.

2. Twitter

Twitter is social networking website which helps users in every aspects. For real-time news updates, Twitter acts as awesome. Though you don’t follow any of them, you can track viral web trends that are seen on your right side of twitter website. It displays keywords that are currently being tweeted by the users, the most recent trends.

1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed has a incredible growth over a past and now. It ranked as the third most popular and informative blog on Technorati. This site is basically acts as a viral news aggregator that is used to track viral web trends around the web. It presents a most informative and interesting content on their blog form.