How to Verify Twitter Account and get Blue Tick Mark – A Complete Guide

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The blue badge of Twitter gives prestige and status to the user who carries it. Do you want it on your account? In this article, I am going to explain you the step-by-step procedure to verify your Twitter account.

A few days ago Twitter announced that the process of verification of accounts opened to the public. Undoubtedly this is very interesting for companies and professionals with personal branding. Through this article, I will share the steps you have to follow to verify your personal Twitter account or profile.


What kind of Accounts is eligible for verification?

Although the form is open to everyone, this does not mean that your account will be verified. Twitter only verifies artists, athletes, politicians, companies, brands, journalists or influential accounts. If you are not among these types of people, you better not waste your time ahead of the process. If you want the social network to give you this badge you have to prove that you are indeed worthy of it.

As per categories:

  • Music
  • Performance
  • Government & Politics
  • Religion
  • Journalism and the media
  • Sport
  • Business
  • fashion

Requirements to Apply for Twitter Verification

The first thing you have to check is that your Twitter account has all the information and is optimised. To do this, make sure that the following items are correctly filled in:

  • Username: If it is personal, it is a real or artistic name, and if it is corporate, it corresponds to the company name.
  • Confirmed email address: If you haven’t confirmed your Email ID before, do it now.
  • Verified phone number: Add your contact number in your Twitter profile and verify it.
  • A biography: Make sure that that the information that you provided is true to your personal brand or that describes the purpose of your business.
  • Photo of profile and header: Keep a photo of you or with the logo of your company.
  • A website: Here give links to your web domain or to the site where your activity is recorded.
  • Birthday date:  This is required only for user and non-company accounts.

It is very important that if you want to make any changes in any of these sections, make sure to do that before requesting to verify a Twitter account with the blue checkmark. Twitter verification team will check the all the information and also checks that it not altered continuously and has consistency.

Another major important point it that, once you get twitter verification badge and if you change the information after the verification, you will lose it and it is very difficult to retrieve it. So, make sure to fill all the details perfectly.

Advantages of having a verified Twitter account

The blue checkmark on Twitter serves to confirm the authenticity of accounts that are of public interest and is a powerful resource to strengthen your personal brand. It also has additional settings:

  • Additional filters in the Notifications tab, which include three display options: All  (default),  Mentions and Checked.
  • Another advantage is that the verified account can not be included in Group Direct Messages (from the Security and Privacy settings page on

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Steps to verify your Twitter Account

Follow the below steps to submit a request for the Twitter verification team.

Step 1:

Sign in with your Twitter account you want to verify, click on your profile picture and then go to the “Help Center” >My account.


Directly open this Twitter verification form link to fill all the details.

Step 2:

Enter your Twitter profile username and then click on the next. See that there should not be any spelling mistakes.
If your profile is related to a company or any brand or an organisation account then check the box. If your account is not related to any of these mentioned then leave it with a blank.

Step 3:

If you have missed any information in your profile, Twitter will notify you to enter the required information. Twitter will send you a code to verify your mobile number. So, give correct information for the verification.

Step 4:

The next step is to enter URLs to the web pages that are related to your activity or where you leave a mark of your personal brand so that Twitter can verify your identity and your account. If you already have one of them (the main one) you do not need to re-enter it in this part of the form.


Step 5:

Finally, in order to verify a Twitter account, you have to explain the reasons why your Twitter account deserves the blue check badge. You should write a convincing text in which, in addition to arguments and your knowledge, including references where you can check your level of influence or interest.

For example, if you are an expert in a subject, mention it and link those media where your level of activity is shown. If you have been a jury or professor in an academic institution, the papers you have offered or social projects. Mention all the good activities you have done so far as a text. 

The limit of the text is 500 characters. Those 500 characters will decide our Twitter profile to get verification or not. So, make sure that you write original and your own text.


Step 6:

Review all the details you entered are correct and perfect before submitting the request. Once you completed all the sections click on the submit button.

When you have submitted the form you will have to wait between 7 to 10 days to receive the Twitter response, which will contact you via a direct message through the @verified account,  to confirm or deny the request for the blue badge.

Important Tips to fill the Twitter verification form

Here are my tips for completing the form:

  • Do not copy and paste links.
  • Do not copy and paste the text of why you should be verified.
  • Upload a real document and verify that the image looks good.
  • Fill in the form in English even if you have to use Google Translate.
  • Do not submit a form if you do not really have a solid case, especially if it is your personal brand. You need to show that you really have recognition for your career.

When you finish the form you get a screen that summarises your application and then finally a confirmation message that they will be working on your case and that they will notify you of their decision by email.

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Twitter Verification FAQ:

1Q. What to do if my Twitter account verification is declined?
If your request for the twitter verification declines, you can refill a new application form and submit your request after 30 days from the response.
Q2. How long they take and how they communicate verification

The average days to receive confirmation or denial of your form is 7 – 15 days. 

This is all about the Twitter verification. If you have any question regarding how to get your Twitter profile verified, then let us know in the below comments. We will get back to you and solve your queries as soon as possible.

Q3. Can I change my profile information after verification?

If you change the username or your name it is possible that your verification badge will be removed and it is normal. Many brands create accounts with many followers and then sell them by changing the username. To control such scams, Twitter verification team automatically removes the verification badge.

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If you have any suggestions for the people who are going to apply for twitter verification, write them in the below comments.

Did you ever submit a request for the Twitter verification? Share your experiences with us.