Gboard for iOS: Type faster, smarter, and more accurately

Gboard for iOS: Type faster, smarter, and more accurately

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Google launches Gboard, an iOS keyboard that lets you search without a browser: Google Launched “Gboard” a brand new application specially designed for iOS devices.

A Basic Guide on Downloading Gboard (Google keyboard) for iOS devices

Gboard, a Google board helps to do Google search directly from your mobile device’s keyboard. Gboard also supports swipe-based typing and can access to GIF images. And it includes easy access to common keyboard functions such as emojis and word predictions.
And yeah, the most interesting feature of Gboard is its direct integration with Google’s services. Do you want to know about how to get started with Gboard? There here you go.
By just tapping the included “G” icon, you are able to do Google search without exiting your keyboard. No need to close the app or launch a browser of the Google app.
Through the Gboard instant search , you can search for all the info as you regularly do in your browser. With this, you can access to any kind of information. Once your search is completed just tap to paste that info into your chat conversation. To launch this feature you will need to give the app access to your location.

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How to use Gboard (Google keyboard) in iOS devices?

Gboard is a new keyboard from Google for your iPhone. It has all the things you would expect from a great keyboard GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing plus Google Search built in. No more app switching; just search and send, right from your keyboard. See the below GIF, to know the working process of Gboard through an iOS devices.
This particular info is presented to you at the bottom of the screen in a card-style layout, where each listing has its own card.
When tapped, the information from the card immediately appears in your conversation, email, notepad or wherever else may be on your phone at the time. This is pasted as hyperlinked text, so you can do things like pull up the listing in Google Maps, phone a business or perform a web search for the item in question, among other things.

How to search Emoji and GIFs through Gboard

Earlier we use to search manually through various emoji screens, and it eats lots of time to see where actually it exist. For this, Google made an awesome improvement to use emojis in Gboard.
Instead of scrolling to find or  emojis, search for “dancer” and find that emoji you were looking for instantly. Even better, you can search for the perfect GIF to show people how you’re really feeling. Finally, Gboard has Glide Typing, which lets you type words by sliding your finger from key to key instead of tapping. So, everything you do is just a little bit faster and saves our time.  This new Google keyboard application allows you to touch, type or swipe, depending on your personal preference. To glide type, you just drag one finger between letters. You don’t even have to hit the spacebar.

Download Gboard (Google keyboard) to your iOS device

Gboard (Google Keyboard) supports all types of apps, such as email, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. So you can use this Gboard app anywhere on your iPhone device. You can download it from App store in English in the U.S., with more languages to come.

Security and Privacy

To integrate Gboard deeply with your keyboard, everyone might be thinking about their privacy and security of search. Right? Then here are the answers to all your questions. The Gboard app allows you to clear your search history and your personal dictionary as well.
And searches on Gboard are sent to Google, as well as anonymous statistics in order to help Google to diagnose problems when the app crashes and to let it know which features are used most often.
All other types data is stored only on your device, says Google. This data is not accessible by Google or by any apps other than Gboard.

Gboard Drawbacks

There is a big drawback in using Gboard. That drawback is, when you Gboard as your default keyboard, it cannot include a microphone for dictation. Apple does not allow any third party keyboard to offer this. It means that when you use Gboard as your default app, you can not make use of “OK Google” or Siri or Apple’s own dictation mic.
This is all about the Google new app Gboard. I hope everyone loves it and make use of it to get things done in less time. If you use Gboard, kindly share your thoughts on the same in the comments below. Happy browsing!

Watch the below video for reference